Aligning ABM tech and strategy for real results

The 6sense and BOL partnership has existed from day one when 6sense was established in 2013.

Together, we have delivered high-performing ABM campaigns, strategy, consulting, assessments, and pilot programs powered by BOL's data-driven strategies and 6sense technology. With a proven record of delivering results that exceed expectations at unexpected speeds, client success and satisfaction are consistently high.

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With a partnership dedicated to smarter, data-driven performance marketing, 6sense and BOL work together to help B2B marketers drive measurable results.

Find out how you can align your 6sense technology with an effective ABM program.

How it works

Here at BOL, we know that B2B marketing strategies, especially ABM strategies, are more effective when powered by data. With 6sense, we gain the ability to validate data in other systems, enrich data and push it to other systems, and orchestrate content, marketing, media, and full-funnel activities. 

In short, 6sense allows us to be better B2B marketers and deliver intelligent marketing programs that generate real ROI for our clients,  faster.

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