Rise to the top in search and in business

SEO as a way to grow

With the right insights, a data-driven approach, and a team of professionals at the helm, SEO can be much more than a visibility tool. BOL specializes in B2B SEO that not only brings quality traffic to your business, but functions as a way to increase sales velocity and drive conversions. Yeah, SEO can do all that.

B2B SEO is different, and we treat it like it is

B2B companies face unique challenges in niche industries where multiple stakeholders act as purchasing decision makers. BOL specializes in B2B SEO strategies that address these key attributes and leverages a future-minded approach to converting traffic into solid leads. This way, we create an additional pathway to your sales funnel.



Sales cycles






Decision makers





Quick Impression

Tech stacks


Fewer Barriers

Lead appeal



Pioneering an ABM approach to SEO

Coined ABSEO, this innovative strategy allows us to create optimal visibility with your ICPs and nurtures visitors into leads. Through our powerful martech relationships, we’re able to apply an ABM lens to detailed data analysis that tells us what your target accounts want and how we can best reach them. Using AI and machine learning, we can even identify gaps and augment content to outrank top-performing pages. And there’s more where that comes from.

What makes us different helps you succeed

  • Enterprise level SEO
  • ABM platform partnerships
  • Data-augmented research
  • Content valuation analysis
  • GA4 setup
  • Knowledge of every major Martech platform
  • ABM tracking technology
  • Brand reputation management
  • AI & machine learning
  • Closed-loop reporting solutions
  • Enhanced reporting on target accounts
  • Backlink campaigns

Take a peek at our process

We break our process down into a multi-phased strategy that eliminates roadblocks and optimizes performance for peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Phase 1

  • Analytics Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Optimization
  • Internal Link Optimization
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Technical Diagnostic
  • Core Vitals

Phase 2

  • Schema Implementation
  • New Content Production
  • New Content Optimization
  • Monthly SEO Reporting
  • Ongoing Technical Monitoring
  • Content Marketing for Link Acquisition
  • SEO Training for Internal Teams