Get the ultimate playbook to B2B growth

Expert execution starts with insightful strategies

Buildings need blueprints. Road trips require maps. Marketing campaigns need strategy. It’s the foundation that supports the viability of your initiatives through strategic planning centered around your target audience. Our team is skilled at developing end-to-end strategies for SEO, brand, demand, ABM, creative, and media, ensuring you get started on the right foot.

Why empathy matters in building a brand strategy

You may be thinking, “Empathy? What’s that got to do with marketing?” Well, in short… everything. BOL takes an empathetic approach to strategy, digging deep into customer desires to figure out what your audience needs and how we can provide it for them. It’s not enough to know your customers, we have to understand them.

Martech meets human intelligence

A lot of agencies will throw out buzzwords like “data-driven”, but at BOL, we attach true meaning to the phrase with empathetic insights that provide context beyond the numbers. Through analysis, we’re able to pinpoint what’s actually driving audience behavior, what motivates your ideal customers, and how we can use this information to enrich your strategy.

Strategies to overcome any challenge

  • ABM Strategy
  • SEO Strategy
  • Personas
  • Sales Enablement
  • Channel Mapping
  • Creative Briefs
  • Demand Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Closed/Won Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Content
  • Full-Funnel Campaigns
  • Media Planning
  • Creative Strategy
  • Nurture Plan
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Buyer Insights