"Data-driven" is in our DNA

BOL’s advanced analytics solutions illuminate your path forward

We’ll put your data to work for you by implementing elite analytics solutions that surface the business insights you need to grow. From hosted closed-loop KPI reporting that leverages best-in-class tools, to ABM journey mapping and sophisticated attribution modeling, BOL’s analytics aces help you get smart about marketing spend and show you where to double down.

Our core analytics services

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Hosted Custom Reporting

Stop struggling to find the KPIs that impact your growth. Our reports detail essential highlights with context so you can ditch the digging and skip right to the golden nuggets.


Application & Data Layer Optimization

Your business analytics are only as good as the inputs that feed them, and BOL can fix your sources, integrations, and workflows to align with best practices.


Rock Solid Attribution

In an increasingly cookieless, privacy-first world, it’s getting harder to solidify true attribution for your marketing efforts. If you’re still relying on basic, out-of-the-box tools to measure your performance, we’ll help you level up and future-proof your marketing attribution based on the touch models that make sense for your business.


Spotlight Your Wins

BOL’s analytics solutions are designed to routinely and intelligently surface top performing campaigns and digital assets–and you don’t have to lift a finger.

What our clients are saying

"BOL helped us to transform marketing from product to solution focused. All while proving the impact to pipeline and revenue."

Toni Compston-Wells,
VP Marketing

"I’ve worked with BusinessOnline for close to 10 years at this point, over two different organizations. One of the key reasons I have stayed with BOL this long is that the agency affords me the ability to have industry experts as an extension of my own staff."

Stephanie Gassen
Global Vice President of Marketing & Americas K12 Sales Director

"Pound for pound, the strongest performing campaign in our portfolio...from skepticism... to reinvestment based on performance proof"

Ryan Almond
ABM Global Lead

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