6sense Product Updates Bring B2B Marketing and Sales Upgrades

BusinessOnline has been a 6sense partner from day one when 6sense was established in 2013. For BOL, 6sense enables the business to know everything so we can do anything for our clients. We’ve executed true ABM programs that get real results, and 6sense is an important piece of the ABM puzzle.

As a category leader, 6sense is a key component in our ABM toolkit, helping us deanonymize buying behavior and prioritize accounts in ways that let us engage resistant buying teams better. Needless to say, we were really excited that a January product release added to the already powerful sales enablement functionality. So excited, that we've decided to share the news with you and what it all means to us at BOL as ABM marketing and sales leaders.

6sense Sales Intelligence Upgrades

6sense equips sales teams with valuable insights through the Sales Intelligence Dashboards available in Salesforce, Salesloft, and Outreach. According to 6sense, “New 6sense Sales Intelligence capabilities and UX enhancements provide clearer insights with fewer clicks, highlight action items, and improve configurability.”

Let’s be honest, this sounds great just from the time savings and customization angles. Digging into this more, we realize just how impactful this is for sales teams. The new Recommended Actions Dashboard uses data and AI to prioritize and personalize the “next-best actions” for each target account. That kind of recommendation, based on actual data, means that sales teams can take the appropriate action quickly and more accurately. And in an increasingly competitive B2B sales environment, that’s what it takes to gain an edge over the competition.

Overall, the theme with 6sense’s Sales Intelligence upgrades is one of less clicking and guessing and more informed selling, faster. 

Bulking Up

It might seem silly to hear us say we’re excited about bulk actions, but we really are. The goal of any organization is to scale up, and with that comes the challenge of managing more contacts, more information, and more actions. Bulk actions in 6sense make prospecting quite a bit easier. Organizing and implementing outreach can be done with the click of a button.

As a bonus, this can be done without losing the personalization that is key for ABM selling. Seriously, being able to organize outreach based on criteria such as persona, buying stage, vertical and title means that salespeople don’t have to sacrifice personalization and relevance.

Qualified Accounts and Prioritized Actions

Customization seems to be a big theme. 6sense Qualified Accounts “provide a defined metric to qualify accounts based on their likelihood of being in-market indicated by their behaviors and their propensity to buy based on fit” through the power of 6sense AI. However, organizations and their products or services don’t all fit into the same box, so 6QAs have been given an upgrade and are now completely customizable. Buying stages can now be tailored to better fit an organization and activities can now be given a custom weight based on the criteria that best fits an organization. Better customization means better targeting and personalization. 

Along with better targeting and personalization, some of the strongest tools for marketers and sales teams are prospect intent signals. Being able to have a greater degree of intelligent insight into when a prospect is ready to hear from you, allows for the right information and right actions at the right time. 

6sense’s customizable alerts let marketing and sales teams determine the intent signals to look for and set notifications for the teams or individuals that should know when specific intent signals are identified. With this feature, a new set of customizable alert categories have been added, the ability to include only desired alert categories exists and users can choose intent signals to use within those alert categories such as keywords or specific web pages.

Aside from the obvious benefit of greater control and more informed actions, this allows for time better spent focusing on the highest priority account prospects. And those account prospects are prioritized based on actual data and intelligence. With that kind of knowledge, your prioritized prospect accounts are more likely to close and close faster.

More Intelligent Contact Purchases and Audience Targeting

An investment in customization comes with new filters that add control. Using a filter hierarchy, lets users “better prioritize contact purchases by relevancy, hot locations, and tiered title levels/functions”.  Better contact purchases should be followed by great campaigns. 

Using orchestrations, better-fit audiences can be added to campaigns. According to 6sense, this means “customers can do more with less effort and personalize at scale by leveraging higher quality data, like 6sense Contact Profile Fit and Persona Maps, to automate the selection of relevant audiences”. 

For performance marketers, greater intelligence is the difference between campaigns that miss the mark and campaigns that deliver quality leads or accounts.  

Enhanced Features Enable Enhanced B2B Marketing

For as long as we’ve been 6sense users and partners, we’ve seen a lot of evolution. Going into 2022, these and other changes are giving us a lot of what we’ve been looking for and a lot of what we didn’t know we needed.

The new 6sense features and enhancements are all about customization, personalization, and automation. For B2B performance marketing and sales leaders, it all supports the changes we’ve been embracing with the digital revolution. 

And as the entire B2B world witnesses the overwhelming effectiveness of Account-Based Marketing, this kind of intelligence and personalization offers incredible value.