Next-level ABM produces a 1,300% increase in ROI


“Pound for pound, the strongest performing campaign in our portfolio…from skepticism… to reinvestment based on performance proof.”

Ryan Almond, ABM Global Lead - Baker Hughes

Adopting an ABM Mindset.

When Baker Hughes took a true ABM approach to their marketing, the results made it clear that it was the right approach to meet changes in B2B head-on.


What is ABM?

A strategic approach for building and optimizing personalized buying journeys within a strategic set of targeted accounts, at scale.


Why did Baker Hughes need it?

Baker Hughes approached BOL to address new realities in the B2B marketing landscape. With so much online data at their fingertips, customers preferring to self-educate had turned the traditional world of sales and marketing on its head—and now expected personalized content that addressed their unique challenges and pain points.


What strategic shifts would be required?

To effectively set the stage for a successful ABM campaign, BOL worked closely with Baker Hughes to orchestrate philosophical shifts in the company’s B2B approach.

From product to solution
Messaging could no longer focus on product features and capabilities—but rather on how those features and capabilities met the unique needs of unique audience segments in different parts of the sales funnel.

From many to one-to-one
To ensure efficiency and effectiveness, high-level content for a broad audience would need to be distilled into highly personalized messaging for hyper-targeted audience members.

From traditional to data-driven
The availability of new consumer data made it possible to garner deeper insights into who needed Baker Hughes and why. Tapping into those insights would make it possible to drive both message personalization and business performance.


Establishing the Process

ABM in a nutshell

BOL worked with Baker Hughes to establish an ABM strategy that could align internal teams, frame marketing efforts and bring the end goal of improving performance into sharp focus.

ABM in a nutshell


Making a Plan

Identifying Customers

Focusing marketing dollars where they’ll make the greatest impact is the cornerstone of an ABM mindset. To do that, Baker Hughes needed to identify the high-value targets most likely to convert.

ABM Identifying Customers


Gathering data and discerning insights

To help Baker Hughes acquire better contact-level data, BOL created a sophisticated algorithm based on an extensive list of job title inclusion and exclusion words.

ABM Gathering Data and Insights


Building a better customer experience

BOL helped Baker Hughes create a customer-focused buying experience that identified and addressed individual customer pain points across the funnel—and created a seamless, consistently branded buying experience that optimized customer convenience.

Buyers are the heroes. Treat them like it.

What in their world needs to be improved?

Selling Ideas
How will you make those improvements?

How will you guide them through their buying journey?


Building a campaign

Assembling the right assets and elements

Drawing from deep content experience in the ABM space, BOL worked with Baker Hughes to craft a far-reaching, solution-focused campaign customized for different target audiences at different phases of the sales funnel.

Baker Hughes Assets


Activating the right accounts across the right channels

With an eye on priority target accounts and job titles, BOL advertised campaign elements across a variety of social media channels.

Baker Hughes Ad Channels


Driving performance

Optimizing the campaign and converting prospects

ABM aligns teams, content and metrics with dollars and cents—ensuring that every marketing initiative positively impacts the bottom line and effectively advances business objectives. BOL helped Baker Hughes tap into that tremendous power.

Optimizing and Converting


ABM done right

It's not just about marketing. It's about partnership.

From aligning internal teams and stakeholders to personalizing content to rethinking KPIs, BOL helped Baker Hughes efficiently navigate the ABM process—and clearly demonstrate marketing’s ability to drive prospects, accelerate the pipeline and deliver closed/won revenue.

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Baker Hughes is a leading energy technology company with 55,000 employees across operations in more than 120 countries.



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