$5B in sales with leads generated at scale


The Outcome

BOL implemented marketing automation through HubSpot to capture and nurture the leads generated at scale. We were able to deliver MQLs that far exceeded Lincoln Electric’s initial goals:

  • 923% more MQLs than goal
  • 550% higher CVR through media efforts when compared to direct traffic

BOL utilized a multi-channel strategy for execution, generating a net $3M from new customers and a 600% increase in ROI. A customer-focused microsite for welding management focused on education and trust, providing assets that spoke directly to customer needs, and bringing in hundreds of leads.


The Challenge

An industry leader in welding, Lincoln Electric sought to build awareness for its lesser-known welding automation solution. Its niche industrial manufacturing audience was misinformed about the automation landscape and its benefits to business productivity. BOL was tasked with changing public perception about welding automation by delivering a strong myth-busting message. Additionally, it was asked to deliver MQLs through online digital in an industry more commonly dominated by offline business.


The Strategy

Leveraging a full-funnel media approach, BOL deployed a diverse media portfolio that included higher funnel initiatives including niche publisher newsletters, audience display, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, and lower-funnel initiatives including LinkedIn InMail and Paid Search. Simply delivering leads was not enough.




pipeline revenue

revenue from net new customers

more MQLs than goal

sales ROI

higher CVR through media efforts when compared to direct traffic



Content creation

Lead generation


Paid media

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