A full-service ABM program powered a global expansion


"BusinessOnline is the longest vendor relationship I've ever had in my career - anywhere. It hasn't alway been perfect, but when we have feedback, you always change direction to correct and I appreciate that."

Dayle Hall, VP Marketing (6 year relationship with BOL)


The Outcome

After BOL more than doubled Lithium’s conversion rate and cut the CPL in half, Lithium decided to triple their paid search budget to further scale lead generation. A channel-based reporting structure was implemented to more accurately assess performance after the initial launch. BOL built on the learnings and success of their primary account by expanding into three additional international regions (NEUR, ANZ, and DACH), and have maintained these improved efficiencies across all accounts.


The Challenge

Lithium Technologies enables brands to connect customers, content and conversations at the right digital moment for more than 400 iconic brands. Lithium wanted to improve all efficiency metrics across paid search channels and scale up their presence, including increased conversion rates, decreased overall cost per lead, identifying areas where spend could be scaled up and expanding into additional international regions.


The Strategy

To prepare Lithium for expansion, BOL took a two-phased approach to optimizing their paid search efforts. Phase one involved A/B testing ad copy, bid strategies, landing pages, and target keywords, with the goal of aligning content with user’s search terms to improve conversion rates. Phase two involved identifying expansion areas, including targeting additional keywords based on Lithium’s new product focus and developing Campaigns aimed at competitor products.

To meet Lithium’s aggressive CPL goals and position their account for expansion, BOL wrote and A/B tested completely new ads, moving to the expanded text ad format and consistently improving top-performing ad variations. High-performing ad groups were broken out into their own campaigns, allowing budgets to be scaled up for keywords with lower CPLs. Keyword targeting was refined to align with their product focus on social media management, social customer service, and online communities.

The projection dashboards showed paid media influence and outlined platforms with significant value for marketing and sales. The team also created an attribution model to identify paid media influence and where each paid media channel attributed in full path revenue. This led to a greater understanding of the campaigns and revealed opportunities for us to shift our strategy towards offers that were being promoted, what messaging we used, and which channels we advertised on.


Lithium Technologies delivers awesome digital customer experiences at scale. The Lithium engagement platform enables brands to connect customers, content and conversations at the right digital moment for more than 400 iconic brands. Lithium helps companies grow brand advocacy, drive sales, reduce costs and accelerate innovation.



increase in conversion rate

decrease in cost per lead

increase in budget after improving efficiencies



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Content strategy

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Paid media

User experience

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