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Personalized data-driven services bringing media targeting and segmentation together with high impact creative that goes beyond leads to drive revenue and business outcomes.

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Audience driven B2B performance paid media powered by tech

Hone in on and target the right audience, get high quality leads, and reach business goals with intention
Make every click count with dynamic optimization techniques tailored specifically to your needs
Integrate creative strategy that delivers conversion optimization and accelerates demand generation through media management

Performance Paid Media Overview

Onboarding & Discovery

Performance marketing is an essential part of every business strategy in today’s increasingly digital world. Optimizing campaigns extends your audience reach and delivers the right results while measuring success. We expertly plan, analyze, and enhance performance media to deliver smart and sustainable results for your brand.

  • Target Audience Alignment
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Media Audit
  • Strategic Planning


Good content needs to be supported by even better marketing. Programmatic display advertising is a crucial component of reaching both your intended audience and business goals. We customize and tailor programmatic digital ad buying to suit your needs using our audience-first approach, efficiently targeting the right customers across the web that generate results and analytics that lead to informed decision making in the future.

  • Audience Strategy Development
  • KPI Assignment
  • Channel Alignment
  • Performance Optimization

What our clients are saying

"BOL helped us to transform marketing from product to solution focused. All while proving the impact to pipeline and revenue."

Toni Compston-Wells, VP Marketing

"Pound for pound, the strongest performing campaign in our portfolio...from skepticism... to reinvestment based on performance proof"

Ryan Almond, ABM Global Lead

"I’ve worked with BusinessOnline for close to 10 years at this point, over two different organizations. One of the key reasons I have stayed with BOL this long is that the agency affords me the ability to have industry experts as an extension of my own staff."

Stephanie Gassen, Global Vice President of Marketing & Americas K12 Sales Director

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between earned, owned and paid media?

Earned media is any publicity you’ve received through word-of-mouth or through external sources: press mentions, quotes in articles, positive reviews and so on. Owned media is your own channels: your social media account, website and blog. Paid media is any way of promoting your company that costs you money directly: paid social, paid search, display ads, etc. All of these types of media are important, but paid media has a few advantages, including the ability to target precise audiences and directly measure the ROI of your campaigns.

What metrics should I track for paid media?

One of the biggest advantages of paid media is data. In fact, there’s so much data, it can be overwhelming. You’ll want to track:

  • CPC (cost per click): What you pay for each click on one of your ads
  • CTR (click-through rate): How many people click on your ads measured against the number of impressions
  • CVR (conversion rate): How many people don’t just click your ad, but follow through on the action you want them to take (download, form fill, etc.)
  • CPA (cost per action): How much you ultimately pay for each conversion

What do I need to run a successful paid media campaign?

To run a successful paid media campaign, you need to start with your budget and your goal and work backwards to determine the metrics you will measure and your strategy to get there. You also need a clearly defined target audience: Who are your most valuable customers? Who will provide the most ROI for your campaign? While paid media testing allows you to optimize campaigns, starting with as much data as possible helps you get there faster.

How do I optimize my paid media campaigns?

The great thing about all the data that goes into (and comes out of) paid media is that you can use it to optimize your campaigns. But from keywords to position bid testing to devices and channels, there are a lot of areas to think about. Many businesses are making costly paid media mistakes – and they don’t even know it. Experts like those at BusinessOnline can help ensure your campaigns are as efficient and effective as possible, saving you money in the long-term. 

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