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Ideal for companies selling high-value, high-touch solutions with longer sales cycles involving multiple decision makers.

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Improve ROI & shorten sales cycles
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ABM Program Overview

ABM is a fluid program made up of many “campaigns” with different purposes.
1:1 campaigns produce immediate impact with your most valuable top accounts.
1:Few target your top 30-50 accounts in a particular segment allowing for stronger personalization.
Full funnel 1:Many campaigns drive buyer awareness for a large group of accounts showing intent for the solutions you sell.
Sales enablement campaigns spur bottom funnel activity. Over time, this network of campaign interactions creates the buyer journey.

Strategy Development

To orient your organization for ABM success, we provide deep discovery into existing assets, including ICP criteria, Personas, Pain Points, Buyer Journey Phase definitions, Messaging, Content and MarTech. From there, we research and define high-value accounts and a tiered approach to activation (1:1, 1:Few & 1:Many) that provide the foundation for your aligned revenue engine. 

  • Stakeholder Workshops
  • Buyer Persona
  • Sales Cycle Map
  • TAM/ICP Validation
  • TAL Creation

Personalized Content

Once we understand the pain points of an account, it’s time to create content that speaks to those specific business needs. The key is to understand that buyer needs will change as they progress through the stages of the buyer journey. You want to be ready with a versatile content library that answers buyer questions as they arise.

  • Campaign Brief
  • Content Assessment
  • Creative Calendar
  • Campaign Production

Performance Media

Successful ABM campaigns start by combining 1st and 3rd party data to see an accounts online activity and gauge their interest in your company. We connect the data and map out buyer intent by purchase stage so you know where to focus your sales and marketing efforts today. Creating both media efficiency and shortening the sales cycles.

  • Intent Analysis
  • Search Analysis
  • Lookalike Targeting
  • Lead Score Models
  • Media Stage Map
  • Media Channel Map

Analytics & Insights

Data is your most valuable ABM tool, but getting tech to function correctly and communicate seamlessly IS a pain. We provide experienced data architects who can structure your MarTech to make certain your systems are correctly integrated and deliver the ability to follow account engagement, report on revenue impact and scale efficient outreach.

  • MarTech Onboarding
  • Account Analysis
  • Refined Segmentation
  • Stage-based Reporting
  • Revenue Reporting

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best ABM technology?

ABM has been exploding in recent years, and there’s a lot of technology out there. The most important thing to remember is that before you even begin building your tech stack, you need the right strategy in place. Identify your goals and the technology you already have, then fill in the gaps. You may need technology for:
  • Target account list: Identify the right businesses and individuals you should be targeting
  • Intent data: Sort accounts by behavior to target your content effectively
  • Reporting: Tie marketing spend back to real sales data
The experts at BusinessOnline can help you evaluate your current tech stack and make recommendations so that you can create an efficient, seamless ABM program.

What KPIs should my ABM program measure?

One benefit of ABM is that you can use it to measure the success of your marketing campaigns even when you have a long sales cycle. Rather than just measuring leads, sales or revenue won, ABM metrics let you know how you’re doing along the way, with KPIs like:
  • Account penetration: the number of contacts you have within the organization
  • Account engagement: clicking on ads, opening emails, going to your campaign landing page, and so on
  • Marketing influence: connects opportunities that would normally be counted as net-new back to marketing campaigns
These are just a few of the KPIs you’ll want to measure. At BusinessOnline, we can help you determine which KPIs are right for your campaign and help you prove pipeline impact.

How do I align my ABM team?

Effective ABM requires complete alignment from your sales, marketing and finance teams. You’ll need to set up a leadership team that includes stakeholders from each of these departments. Make sure everyone is aligned on KPIs and goals of the program, and most importantly, understands the mindset shift that is required. ABM is about quality leads over quantity of leads—this can be a big adjustment for sales teams that are used to using MQLs as their main KPI.

How do we budget for ABM?

Your current marketing campaigns and content are a great starting point for thinking about ABM. Can you modify your current programs to apply to a smaller audience? Do you have content that you can repurpose for specific accounts? Then think about the technology you’ll need to make your ABM program efficient and effective.

The goal of ABM is actually to do more with less – not create more work for your team. Remember that time is money. When you hire outside experts to get your ABM program off the ground, you may experience greater ROI in the long run.

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