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Build awareness with more buyers and crush your lead & MQL goals with omnichannel performance marketing.

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Multi-Channel, Mega-Effective

Drive More Qualified Leads to Sales at a Lower CPL
Integrate Channels & Touchpoints to Improve the Journey
Improve Closed-Won Rates & Funnel Metrics

Performance Demand Gen Program Overview

Performance Demand Generation is the omni-channel digital approach that enables marketers to break through silos, connect people, and create more B2C-like experiences that millennial B2B buyers seek.

Strategy Development

Creating a high-Impact demand program means leveraging education, content and personalization to create a binge-worthy buyer experience from awareness to close. Educating buyers along the way as you prep them for sales conversations. Ours is a true multi-channel approach to your nurture programs with retargeting ads, chatbots, direct mail, social, video, email, and more, aligned to create a more impactful journey.

  • Discovery Workshops
  • Buyer Persona
  • Sales Cycle Map
  • Quick WIns
  • Channel Alignment

Personalized Content

Building better brand experiences means modernizing how you create and manage content. Every piece has a purpose and must work hard to convert buyers, but it doesn't have to be boring. Not surprisingly, the more unique and unexpected interactions often produce the greatest ROI. The BOL approach is focused on understanding buyer needs and motivations, delivering content types buyers demand and providing a consistent brand voice at every touchpoint.

  • Campaign Brief 
  • Content Assessment
  • Creative Calendar
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Production

Performance Media

BOL’s demand generation program utilizes multiple media platforms and channels, including Google AdWords & Bing Ads; Google Display & Remarketing; LinkedIn; Capterra; Integrate/Madison Logic plus 3rd Party media buys. As a Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner, we leverage our relationships to continuously test and optimize your campaigns, ad groups, keyword match types, audience targeting & layering, keyword to landing page conversion rates analysis, audience, offer & landing page testing.

  • Account Onboarding
  • Search Analysis
  • Lookalike Targeting
  • Lead Score Models
  • Channel Map
  • Test Plans

Analytics & Insights

As marketing becomes an increasingly technical discipline, it’s critical for marketers to analyze and report on campaign attribution, performance and impact. BOL’s Analytics & Insights team works with you to eliminate data silos, optimize in-market campaigns and demonstrate measurable impact to your organization’s bottom line.

  • MarTech Onboarding
  • Account Analysis
  • Refined Segmentation
  • Stage-based Reporting
  • Revenue Reporting

What our clients are saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you talking to?

When it comes to demand gen marketing, defining the “Who” is arguably the most important question before launching any demand gen campaign. The Who – your audience – will help you to define everything from the tone of the messaging to the content that gets delivered.

You wouldn’t speak to a CEO in the same way you would speak to a Marketing Manager. Likewise, you wouldn’t provide c-suite the same level of detail that you would provide to those who work in the day-to-day that require that level of detail.

What do you want them to know?

When you’ve defined who you’re speaking to, you’re better equipped with providing exactly what you want them to know through your content. For a top-of-funnel demand generation campaign, this can be as simple as providing high-level information about their challenges and struggles and providing solutions. For deeper funnel campaigns, it’s taking a look at all the steps in your buyer’s journey and mapping content to each one of those stages ensuring that you’re answering the most common questions that creates a demand for your products and services.

Why should they take the desired action?

Even a B2B’s target audience is rational and self-interested, just like everyone else. And, just like everyone else, they need to be given a compelling reason why they should do what you say. Your job as a marketer is to consider the value that your campaign provides – the more substantial the desired commitment, the more perceived value the campaign must offer.

Depending on the need, marketers can take steps to increase the perceived value of their offering. For example, the promise of what an ebook will offer will some value on its own; however, highlighting the key points of the ebook you’re promoting (notable contributors, actionable takeaways, timeliness, etc.), you increase the perceived value for your readers.

When do I want them to take the desired action?

Almost all demand generation campaigns define the “When” as “at their earliest convenience”. Campaigns that promote static content, like ebooks & whitepapers can be consumed immediately and should be promoted as such. Live content, however, like webinars or virtual events, require more time for promotion. Attending events at a given place and time is a greater commitment than browsing content when you have a spare moment.

It’s important to be mindful of this because it will impact the scheduling of the promotion, both on its own and in relation to others.

Performance Demand Gen Program Overview


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