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The Outcome

  • Segment Analysis with optimization recommendations
  • Analysis and recommendations for reaching TALs more accurately and effectively
  • Campaign performance analysis highlighting new opportunities

In addition to these initial findings, BusinessOnline utilized 6sense data and insights to discover opportunities that included:

  • A test and learn audience segmentation approach instead of broad outreach
  • Buying committee prioritization as opposed to simplistic profile-based targeting
  • Leveraging 6sense's direct integration with LinkedIn to pass LinkedIn performance data back into 6sense
  • Taking advantage of Intent/Keyword filtering, job function filtering, etc. for improved CTR on campaigns
  • Using 6sense behavioral analytics to optimize holistically and eliminate silos in TAL outreach
  • Leveraging data-driven segmentation to refine messaging and build strong Google remarketing lists
  • Using 6sense’s predictive AI to discover new accounts that match the ICP and optimize current accounts based on probability scores

BusinessOnline knew that NanaWall was missing big opportunities to reach the right people at the right time and place. After conducting a full analysis of the organization's marketing and sales goals as well as their approach to hitting their goals, we were able to show the real value of the 6sense platform. On top of that, we were able to provide actionable recommendations for data-driven optimization of their marketing efforts.

The Challenge

While NanaWall was investing in the 6sense platform and utilizing it for their marketing efforts, there were missed opportunities that could be gained by a more advanced approach. There was also a need for a more Account-Based Marketing approach to reach higher-value customer targets. 

The Strategy

BusinessOnline conducted a comprehensive assessment of NanaWall's marketing program and 6sense platform usage. By focusing on what was working and opportunities to improve, we were able to make actionable optimization recommendations and strategic tactical suggestions. BusinessOnline's data-driven approach to ABM, supported by 6sense technology, also offered an opportunity to more effectively and efficiently reach high-value target accounts for a greater ROI.

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NanaWall is a provider of moving glass walls, trusted by architects, builders, design professionals, and homeowners as a solutions provider for re-imagining how buildings, people, and the elements interact.

Optimization and Opportunities
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ABM Execution Audit
6sense Platform Configuration, Use, & Results Audit
Advertising Efficiency Assessment
Customer Engagement Assessment of Messaging, Content, Creative, and Experience
Assessment of Derived Insight, Integration, and Synergy Influencing Performance
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Account-Based Marketing Program Overview

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes

Various tools, including 6sense, were used to gather intelligence for Baker Hughes. This intelligence allowed the Sales team to have the confidence to know when and how to reach out in priority order of accounts, using social media, email, and/or phone.  We delivered a 1,300% increase in ROI in less than 12 months.

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BusinessOnline's knowledge of and experience with the 6sense platform allowed for a comprehensive ABM analysis to be conducted for Lytx. The analysis provided key insights and actionable recommendations to the Lytx team while showing the greater value of the 6sense tool.

From End-To-End ABM Programs & Execution To Strategic Assessments

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