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The Outcome

  • Segment Analysis with optimization recommendations
  • Messaging and creative adjustment recommendations for low engagement accounts
  • 1:1 targeting recommendations for highly-engaged accounts

In addition to these engagement optimization opportunities, BusinessOnline utilized 6sense data and insights to make recommendations that included:

  • Daypart optimization to better target accounts when they are most likely to be active
  • Job Function and Level optimization to drive incremental CTR and ACTR improvements
  • Structural optimization through the logical grouping of vital campaign elements
  • Intent topic segmentation for deeper learnings on accounts' interest and better alignment of content and creative delivery 
  • Predictive alignment with 6sense's predictive AI to bring better data in and create greater personalization for more effective media

BusinessOnline's knowledge of and experience with the 6sense platform allowed for a comprehensive ABM analysis to be conducted for Lytx. The goal was to provide key insights and actionable recommendations to the Lytx team while showing the greater value of the 6sense tool.

The Challenge

The old saying, "You don't know what you don't know", seems especially true these days when marketers find themselves utilizing various tools and technologies. The 6sense platform has so much to offer. When used to its fullest potential it can have a real, measurable impact. The challenge facing Lytx was a high-level understanding of the platform's functionality but limited insight and alignment on utilizing advanced features to optimize for a stronger Account-Based Marketing program.

The Strategy

Working closely with our partners at 6sense, we did a full assessment of Lytx's platform utilization and campaigns. By gaining a comprehensive view, we were able to highlight areas that were working very well for Lytx as well as offer insights and recommendations for optimization. In doing so, we were able to provide Lytx with the knowledge to make data-driven decisions for more successful marketing efforts.


Lytx is a leading provider of smart, connected fleet management systems. With innovative hardware, intuitive software, and effortless API integrations Lytx delivers a single, consolidated view of their customer's fleet.

Directional Insights
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Account-Based Marketing Program Overview

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes

Various tools, including 6sense, were used to gather intelligence for Baker Hughes. This intelligence allowed the Sales team to have the confidence to know when and how to reach out in priority order of accounts, using social media, email, and/or phone.  We delivered a 1,300% increase in ROI in less than 12 months.

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BusinessOnline knew that NanaWall was missing big opportunities to reach the right people at the right time and place. After conducting a full analysis, we were able to show the real value of the 6sense platform and provide actionable recommendations for a data-driven Account-Based Marketing program.

From End-To-End ABM Programs & Execution To Strategic Assessments

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