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LockNCharge - An Effective ABM Campaign Delivers During Global Change new

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“BOL affords me the ability to have industry experts as an extension of my own staff. To replicate the digital marketing breadth and experience within my own organization isn’t that feasible.”

Stephanie Gassen, Global VP of Marketing - LocknCharge

The Outcome

Through a multi-faceted integrated campaign focused on lead generation, LocknCharge saw growth in an uncertain time. The results included a 235% quarter-over-quarter growth in impressions as well as a 115% increase in conversions with a 49.5% reduction in cost per lead.

The Challenge

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, LocknCharge (LNC) found they needed to make several changes to their digital marketing mix to adjust to the new reality. Education was a core industry for LNC, yet many schools were closing. At the same time, LNC was preparing for the launch of their UVOne product, a UV sanitization solution primarily for the healthcare industry.

With many new sites being built for COVID testing and an influx of traffic to hospitals, demand for sanitization products was soaring. We created and implemented a cohesive strategy to shift the marketing focus from education to healthcare in line with market changes.

BOL executed a multi-channel campaign across LinkedIn, Google Search, Google Display and Microsoft Ads Network. For all channels, BOL worked effectively to ensure that target audiences aligned with our desire to position products in front of medical facility decision makers.

The Strategy

As LNC’s agency partner, we’re always assessing the market to understand how to best help them achieve their goals. We predicted that by shifting our focus to the healthcare market, we would be able to meet the growing interest and demand for sanitization products. Our messaging emphasized the benefits of these solutions for their workplace in a time of uncertainty. Using powerful proof points like “UVOne reduces SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, by 99.99%,” this campaign leveraged search behavior to meet users where they are on the web.

We quickly shifted our paid media strategy to align with the healthcare vertical. We ran ads in Google Search and Display, LinkedIn, and the Microsoft Ads Network. Users saw ads either based on their search queries or via display banners or native social ads, which directed them to our UVOne landing page. There they could learn more about the product and request information, get a quote or reserve their UVOne when it launched.

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LocknCharge designs and manufactures high-quality security, charging, and transport solutions for mobile devices. With headquarters in Australia and the US, LocknCharge has helped thousands of schools, healthcare facilities and other organizations manage their mobile devices.

QoQ reduction in cost per lead
QoQ growth in impressions
QoQ increase in conversions
YoY increase in conversions
Integrated campaign
Lead generation
Website development
Creative design
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