88% increase in sales accepted leads and award-winning results


“BOL has been instrumental, allowing us to make better business decisions and an impact to the bottom line.”

Danny Mckever, Senior Web Marketing Manager, Workday



The Outcome

The net result was more conversions with the same budget. BOL drove more qualified leads, increased brand exposure, and doubled Workday’s overall paid search marketing spend in 2010. This resulted in: 

  • Increased their conversion rate by 123%

  • Decreased the cost-per-leads by almost 62%

  • Social Media leads increased by 10% (with a 70% more likelihood to convert)


The Challenge

Workday, a leading HR and Financials software company that offers a new generation of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, was looking to reinvest in their Paid Search (PPC) Program. Workday challenged us to improve the overall health of their PPC campaigns from increased traffic and conversions, to improving qualified leads. BusinessOnline drove more qualified leads, increased brand exposure, and doubled their overall paid search marketing spend.


The Strategy

BOL focused on an integrated strategy and developed campaigns. SEO, Paid Search, Social and Analytics were employed and insight was leveraged to understand and optimize the buying journey. A combination of content, paths and touchpoints helped shorten the sales cycle while Integrated Adobe, Marketo and Salesforce closed the loop.




increase in SALs

increase in conversion rates

decrease in cost-per-leads

increase in social media leads





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