Full channel optimization with 155% rise in marketing ROI


The Outcome

BOL executed the strategy and implementation for iZotope in one month, and provided strategic insights, recommendations, and optimizations to the expanded channel efforts. This resulted in: 

  • Total Paid Media visitors increased 89% QoQ
  • New visitors increased 71% QoQ
  • Revenue from Paid Media increased 130% QoQ
  • A marketing ROI of 155% with over 15% contributed to the total Q4 revenue goal 

iZotope’s paid media campaigns and expansion efforts executed by BOL aimed to test effective paid media channels and understand their attribution. With new insight into what was and wasn’t working, iZotope refocused their efforts by targeting the right channels for each campaign, focused on each stage in the buyers’ journey, and consistently engaged with their audience. The reporting dashboards provided valuable insights on the successes of their marketing programs. The result was—and continues to be—smarter marketing attribution. iZotope used BOL’s data-driven insight reporting on attribution and assisting conversion channels to increase media budgets for 2017.


The Challenge

The iZotope team has spent over 15 years developing audio production tools found in professional facilities and home studios alike. Their product line focused on music production, with solutions for mixing, mastering, and creative effects as well as audio post-production. 

Alongside the development of studio software, iZotope incubates bleeding-edge audio technology for future release and develops rich audio education to help enthusiasts and professionals alike improve their craft. iZotope was seeking to expand its marketing efforts with a paid media strategy. They came to BOL for clear projections and goals to better understand how any revenue put toward paid media efforts would impact their sales bookings. This initiative faced the added pressure of being launched in September—the seasonality of Q4 in retail e-commerce meant an influx in holiday sales and promotions, which translated into an expedited strategy and full advertising scale-up within one month.


The Strategy

The initial effort focused on a paid media pilot wherein iZotope’s marketing team sought external support to leverage services to increase media spend, expand initiatives and reach new visitors, while assisting in overall revenue bookings goal for Q4. BOL’s approach included auditing iZotope’s current programs and paid media initiatives, creating a paid media strategy, and projecting revenue bookings for all initiatives including our proposed expansion recommendations. A paid media plan was developed from the strategy outlining the most effective approach for scaling, expanding, and optimizing across all channels.

The projection dashboards showed paid media influence and outlined platforms with significant value for marketing and sales. The team also created an attribution model to identify paid media influence and where each paid media channel attributed in full path revenue. This led to a greater understanding of the campaigns and revealed opportunities for us to shift our strategy towards offers that were being promoted, what messaging we used, and which channels we advertised on.


iZotope is an award-winning developer of innovative products and audio technologies for professionals and hobbyists alike that inspire and enable people to be creative.



paid media visitor increase QoQ

new visitors increase QoQ

paid media visitor increase QoQ

marketing ROI and over 15% of total revenue goal



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