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At a glance

A 1:1 campaign to select airport administrators:



  • Extreme time sensitivity
  • Niche target account list of 60 US airports
  • Complex rules and regulations

The universal challenge:
Making airports safe in a post-COVID world

As a result of dwindling air traffic, US airports lost $32 billion due to Covid-19. To help the aviation sector recover, the FAA issued $8 billion in Airport Rescue Grants that, among other things, could be used to enhance air quality and replace ventilation systems. This was a huge revenue opportunity for Honeywell, a leading manufacturer of clean air systems.


The marketing challenge:
Convincing airports to apply for rescue grants before the deadline.

The US government was basically giving away billions in free money. So you’d think that airport administrators would seize the opportunity to upgrade their terminals. But there were three major hurdles: 

  1. The process for applying for Airport Rescue Grants was complex 
  2. There was confusion about how the grants could be used 
  3. They had a very short window of opportunity to submit their applications.


The big idea:
Departing soon

The deadline for applying for billions of dollars in COVID-related Airport Rescue Grants was fast approaching. That’s money that could be spent on a wide array of Honeywell products. Yet, 60 airports hadn’t turned in their applications. So we came up with a Departing Soon campaign to light a fire under the airport managers and show them ways Honeywell could help them improve terminal health and safety.


Bringing the campaign to life

Hyper-personalized customer journey: Our media team was able to determine which airports already applied for grants. That left us with a target account list of just 60 airports. We personalized the creative by addressing the airports individually by their three letter codes (e.g. JFK). The media buy included LinkedIn 1:1 Sponsored Content and InMail ads that drove to a Honeywell Airport Rescue Grant Landing Page...l posts

Flight map infographic: We created an infographic to help airport administrators understand the grant application process and how the funds could be used. The themes of navigation and guidance were brought to life with a decision tree that was modeled after flight maps.

Relatable explainer video: The voiceover was written to emulate gate agents. But instead of announcing flight departures, they announced rescue grant departures:

“Attention airport directors. Attention airport managers. The Airport Rescue Grants are departing soon. Please check your surroundings to see what safety and security upgrades you need. And have your documents ready by November 30th. Airports requiring special assistance are invited to contact Honeywell at this time. We’ll guide you through the funding process to make sure you claim your share. The gates are closing soon. Please contact us today.”


The soaring results

After the Departing Soon campaign launched, the demand for Honeywell aviation parts, software and aftermarket services grew, sending Honeywell shares up 6%. Honeywell beat analyst expectations by $1.86 per share.1

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increase in shares


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