Empathetic creative in action


The big picture



  • Lack of brand awareness
  • Low share of voice
  • Limited marketing budget
  • Small TAL
  • High skepticism

The universal challenge:
How to end the wait for life-saving drugs.

We all know that dealing with health insurance companies can be a major headache. But it’s 100x worse for patients with rare conditions like cystic fibrosis, AIDs, multiple sclerosis and some cancers. Patients often wait weeks for the meds to be approved since they are so expensive. Local drug stores don’t carry the treatments, so they have to be shipped. Caregivers need training to administer the drugs properly. It’s such an ordeal, many patients— especially the elderly — give up trying.


The marketing challenge:
Low awareness of CareMetx combined with limited budgets.

First the good news. CareMetx designed a patient portal that speeds up time-to-therapy and saves lives. Now the bad news: CareMetx has low brand awareness and limited marketing budgets. As a result, skeptical pharmaceutical executives often view them as a risky investment.


The big idea: End the Wait

To raise awareness of how patients feel while waiting for therapies, BOL created the End the Wait campaign. The campaign features a mixed reality that blends patients’ homes with the worst features of waiting rooms (e.g. worn vinyl chairs, fluorescent lighting, plastic plants…etc.) The copy explains how CareMetx’s hub streamlines every step of the patient journey — making the wait for specialty meds, history.

Bringing the campaign to life

Empathetic creative: We conducted a competitive analysis and developed a creative campaign that stands out from the sea of sameness in the category. The competitors mostly focused on their technologies. We took a human approach that brings the patient pain points to life visually and with compelling headlines.

caremetx creative case study

Cost-effective production: Stock photography is often the go-to for companies with smaller marketing budgets. But that wasn’t going to stand out enough. So we used photo compositing to create a look that was both unique and relatable.

Highly targeted media: Using ABM intent signals, we were able to narrow the focus of our marketing efforts on specialty pharmaceutical companies that were actively seeking a new hub solution.

Lead nurturing: The campaign consisted of LinkedIn ads that drove to a landing page, where we used an assortment of gated content (articles, infographics) to capture contact information. From there we nurtured the targets with emails and eventually sales calls.

Testing and testing again: We quickly turned off media buys that weren’t performing, and amplified ones that were, resulting in greater ROI.


The healthy results

With the help of BOL, CareMetx has made it possible for over 2.8 million patients to access their meds faster. But that’s just the start. CareMetx has added a new feature that monitors dosing and makes it easier for patients to take their meds as prescribed. That campaign is just launching. Hopefully, it will save even more lives!

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CareMetx is a developer of patient portals that save lives by significantly reducing time-to-therapy.



enabling medication access
for 2.8M+ patients


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