Conquering North America by reinventing a category


At a glance



  • Facing a dominant competitor
  • Historically limited marketing budget
  • Low brand awareness in North America

The universal challenge:
Wrangling a chaotic mix of product information

Remember when catalogs were simple? There’d be some photos, a few lines of copy, some specs and a price. Today’s eCommerce shoppers are much more demanding. They want customer reviews, FAQs, unboxing videos, language translations, availability, delivery approximations, even AR and VR content. Orchestrating all that information for millions of SKUs is a herculean task. That’s why retailers rely on Product Information Management (PIM) software from companies like Akeneo.


The marketing challenge:
Conquering a saturated market with an extremely dominant player

Akeneo is the leader of PIM software in Europe. But, they only recently entered the North American market. Their main competitor – Salsify – holds such a dominant position that people refer to PIM software as Salsify — the same way flying discs are known as Frisbees and moving stairs are known as Escalators. Akeneo partnered with BOL to raise awareness of their brand, differentiate their PIM offerings, and steal market share.


The big idea: Success is in the details

Shoppers care about the smallest details. It’s the difference between sales and abandoned carts. So we created a campaign that highlights the vast array of details you can add to your product experiences when you use Akeneo.

Bringing the campaign to life

Reinventing the category.  Product information management isn’t really about product information, it’s about customer experiences. That’s ultimately what drives sales and revenue. So instead of trying to compete in the saturated  PIM space, we reinvented the category by introducing PXM (product experience management).


Eye-catching imagery. Each execution features a retail product (shirt, table, bicycle…etc) made up entirely of product descriptions. At first sight, they look like typical objects, but when you push in closer, you see that the pattern/texture is made up of words. We conducted a competitive analysis and the striking images are unlike anything else in the category.


Stats focus. Akeneo is the leader of PIM solutions in Europe. To give them instant credibility in North America, our campaign featured stats and case studies from overseas.


Making a splash. We launched the Success is in the Details campaign in Boston during Akeneo’s annual conference. The campaign featured video OOH boards in Boston Logan Airport and around District Hall geo-targeted ads, a launch video, event swag and a landing page.



The XXL results

With the help of BOL, Akeneo has gone from a virtually unknown brand in North America, to one with steadlily growing awareness. There were over 74,000 views of the launch video and the click-thru rates during the launch event were 200% above average.

Stand out creative. Outstanding results. What can BOL do for you?

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Akeneo is a developer of software that helps retailers turn product information into cutting-edge customer experiences.



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