The power of strategic SEO and educational content


At a glance

Donately is out to make doing good feel simple.

Donately is a fundraising platform that helps users earn, manage, and

maximize donations with one, user-friendly solution. Developed as
a platform for organizations, big and small, to fundraise effectively,
engage with supporters, and advance their missions, Donately aims to
make an impact. But to do that, they need to get noticed.



  • Lack of brand awareness
  • Desire to increase traffic and leads from organic search
  • Building on existing SEO content framework
  • Need more top 3 keywords to drive engagement across the full funnel
  • Well-known competition in the space

The marketing challenge:
Taking a strong SEO and content strategy to the next level.

Donately came to BOL with a fairly mature SEO content framework, but
needed help leveling up their content strategy to increase traffic and,
ultimately, paying users. To meet this demand, BOL needed to take a
strategic approach that built upon their current momentum, doubled
down on successful tactics, and created new avenues for organic growth.
We set out with a mentality that more is more. We aimed for more traffic,
more sign-ups, and more time spent on key pages. To achieve this, we
implemented a holistic approach to technical SEO and content strategy
that positions Donately as a leader in online fundraising.


The big idea: Success is in the details

First things first, BOL ensured that Donately’s recent website migration didn’t upset the integrity of their SEO architecture and looked for opportunities for on-page optimization. One of the most impactful outcomes of this effort was improved site speed, a known ranking factor that affects UX and conversion rates in addition to SEO. To accomplish this, BOL helped dissect and slim down one of Donately’s proprietary Javascript files. Each webpage was also given a little TLC with improved metadata, <h> tags, and other crucial on-page SEO elements.

Next, BOL began to develop content that provides true value to Donately’s audience with unique ideas and useful strategies that could be applied to fundraising efforts. With savvy structure and strategic keyword research, we were able to grow Donately’s website traffic and earn top three keyword rankings.

To yield the best results and optimize for budgetary goals, BOL made sure to create a cohesive strategy that was thoughtfully co-optimized with their paid media efforts. This helped provide more coverage to rank for important keywords without breaking the bank.


The results

The results keep rolling in. Donately has experienced a substantial increase in organic conversions and improved their overall conversion rate. Meaningful pages have seen an uptick in traffic and users are spending more time on the pages they visit, as well. Let’s take a look at the numbers on the graph to the right.

Outcomes like these prove that in a world where AI-generated content is becoming more common, human-centered content that delivers real value is still a winning strategy.

See how you can grow with B2B SEO and BOL.


Donately is a user-friendly platform that enables organizations to earn, manage, and maximize donations.



increase in conversions from organic search YoY

increase in conversion rate from organic traffic

increase in organic sessions on fundraiser site page YoY


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