Moving pipeline from the slow lane to the express lane. 

BOL's approach to implementing ABM and 6sense is really worth a look. The case study underscores that, with cross-functional buying groups and long sales cycles being the reality for B2B companies, the lead-based 'attribution' model of days past not only doesn’t help but can lead you down lots of unproductive paths. By bringing the power of 6sense to bear inside a closed-loop reporting environment that includes CRM activity, BOL created a much more useful, realistic view of what was actually driving pipeline and revenue growth for this leader in the logisticsvideo telematics and fleet management logistics industry."

Kerry Cunningham, 6sense Research and Thought Leadership


BOL + 6sense + A Global Logistics Leader

ABM orchestration for the leading manufacturer of video telematics and fleet management solutions

To date, more than 2.1 million drivers worldwide have been protected. Unfortunately, adopting these life-saving technologies is lagging, especially among mid-sized fleets. So BOL was hired to implement an ABM strategy with the goal of improving the awareness and implementation of their solutions.

The task was complicated by a fragmented TAL, misaligned data sources, and go-to-market silos. By collaborating with 6sense, BOL orchestrated a successful campaign that increased MQAs and pipeline velocity.


The Challenges

  • Misaligned operations, goals, and data sources
  • Siloed business units
  • 4 distinct market sectors
  • 15 distinct personas

The Goals

  • Increase the volume of opportunities
  • Increase pipeline velocity
  • Accurately track attribution


The speed bumps

The marketing department faced three major obstacles

The combination of go-to-market silos, identifying ideal target companies, and tailoring messages to a diverse range of personas presented formidable challenges:


1. Go-to-market silos

The company faced the herculean task of catering to three major market segments: Field Services, Trucking and Transportation, and Commercial Industries. Each segment is highly diversified, encompassing numerous sub-industries that require targeted approaches. Overcoming the inherent silos created by these diversified operations posed a significant challenge.


2. Too many target accounts

In addition to catering to various industries, the company had to navigate through the complexities of identifying ideal fleet sizes in order to effectively target companies within each market segment. This process required careful analysis and strategic decision-making to ensure optimal targeting and resource allocation.

3. A diverse range of personas

The client identified 15 distinct personas in wide-ranging departments, each with its own unique pain points. Balancing the interests of these diverse stakeholders, and accounting for their changing information needs as they progressed through their buying journey,  posed an additional layer of complexity.


The performance accelerators

BOL fine-tuned the ABM engine to increase pipeline velocity

The beauty of ABM is that it can pinpoint a brand’s best opportunities to win, then accelerate pipeline velocity. But, for an ABM strategy to succeed, it has to be thoughtfully staged. Here’s how BOL approached the ABM strategy:


Step #1: Extensive market research

BOL's foundation was built upon extensive market research and industry intelligence that set the stage for a well-informed and targeted strategy. By diving deep into the nuances of the client's operations and the challenges posed by diversified market segments, BOL was able to streamline the go-to-market approach and break down the silos that hindered progress.


Step #2: Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) development

BOL simultaneously conducted quantitative and qualitative research to ensure the precise targeting of the ideal accounts. 

  • Quantitative research: BOL analyzed historical trends from closed won accounts data. We looked at industries, sub-industries (NAICS codes), annual revenue range, number of employees range, fleet size cutlines, buyer and influencer committees, and lead sources.

  • Qualitative research: BOL conducted in-depth interviews with the company's sales team to gain insights into their challenges and into the pain points of the target personas. We also conducted a competitive analysis to understand what messaging was already in-market and to identify gaps that could be used to its advantage.

Step #3: Laser-focused account targeting

BOL’s media team used the in-depth ICP to create custom audience segments in 6sense. Then, used 6sense predictive information to target the accounts most likely to convert based on their journey funnel stage, profile fit, and keywords actively researched. This gave the client the best opportunity to win and achieve the greatest return on investment. The media plan included 6sense display ads, Google, paid social and organic social.


Step #4: Hyper-personalized messaging

Once we knew who we were targeting and how we were reaching them, the creative team crafted tailored content for every stage of the funnel. While the concept of personalization isn’t new, 6sense made it possible to deliver the messages at the right time and place, so personalization became even more powerful.


Step #5: Precision Reporting and Lifecycle Tracking

To wrangle all the data and create a single source of truth, BOL’s analytics team designed a Marketing Influence Dashboard. The dashboard provided direct visibility into the movement of accounts, tracking their progression from cold prospects to Marketing Engaged Accounts (MEA) and eventually to Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQA). Mapping the complete journey enabled BOL to close the loop on MQLs and link marketing ops directly to revenue.


Step #6: Attribution and optimization

The Marketing Influence Dashboard was also instrumental in measuring attribution and optimizing the campaign. BOL mapped 6sense data to the client's CRM and web touchpoints to measure attribution from the first touch to close. Then, adjusted the spend to focus on the target accounts that were showing the strongest intent in the bottom of the funnel. By prioritizing the accounts that were most likely to convert, BOL accelerated deal velocity and maximized this client's return on investment.


Honk if you love outstanding results


  • 6sense influenced over $215K in pipeline
  • 6sense Influenced over 75% of opportunities
  • 6sense web visit and display delivered maximum channel influence compared to Google ads, paid social, and organic social

Together, BOL and 6sense can put you on the road to ABM success.

Partner with the industry leaders who can help you efficiently navigate the ins and outs of ABM—and deliver the outcomes you need to thrive.

Know everything with 6sense. Do anything with BOL.

A world leader in video telematics solutions on a mission to make roads safer for everyone. 



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