Instagram Business Tools: Furthering Social Monetization

Since it was acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has undergone countless changes for better or for worse. These changes include but are not limited to: a new algorithm-based feed, updated aesthetics with a farewell to the iconic logo, and most recently the Snapchat-inspired Instagram Stories feature.

Now Instagram has begun to roll out the new Business Tools they announced a few months back.

Many brands and businesses have been utilizing Instagram as a way of not only advertising but gaining brand awareness and market share through organic social reach. With the new business profiles—connected to your company’s Facebook business page–there will no doubt be an influx in paid social postings on users’ feeds.

As more businesses utilize these marketing tools, we expect to see an alignment of the recent algorithmic change—promoting what is most ‘relevant’ to users as opposed to the traditional, chronological format—with an increase in dollars spent on the platform. In order to get more eyes on their sponsored posts, brands are required to shell out more dollars to get their ads towards the top of users’ newsfeeds.

Through the new Business Tools, advertisers will be able to track impressions, reach, website clicks and follower activity (including users’ most actives time of day on the app) that will allow for optimization for best engagement—a key component to the Instagram algorithm. More organic engagement with posts means higher positions in the feed and ultimately more opportunities to convert.

While social media helps B2C businesses build a strong brand presence and educate consumers, here are a few ways B2B companies can utilize Instagram and its Business Tools set to go above and beyond:

  • Introduce a new product into the market with short, viral videos
  • Utilize visuals like photos and videos to show your product or service works in the real world
  • Show ‘behind the scenes’ to develop a transparent and trustworthy brand presence
  • Repost social influencers who reach your target market and post about your brand
  • Share content from industry-related events

Watch the introduction to Instagram Business Tools video to learn more about applying social sharing to your marketing plan: