Navigating Economic Storms: A Fortune 500 Fintech's Media Success Story

Many companies take an "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" approach to media. This was the case with a long-time BOL client whose growth engine was humming like a well-oiled machine. They were listed on the Fortune 500 and were climbing to new heights in the IDC Fintech ratings. All was good. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, forcing them to rethink their media strategies.


Covid-19 Era:  2020-2022

The Challenge

Covid-related event cancellations. In-person events were a core component of the company's traditional marketing strategy, necessitating a swift strategic pivot to digital to generate quality leads via paid media.

The Solutions

  • Added new content syndication partners enabling us to reach B2B audiences at scale at efficient cost-per-leads.

  • Took a different approach to social media: By diversifying our media mix we maximized the opportunities to test and learn and reached targets where they were.

  • Implemented account, intent, and competitor-based targeting at scale.

  • Restructured the paid search campaign.

  • Introduced integrated remarketing campaigns to nurture prospects across various channels.

  • Tested vertical-targeted campaigns with content aligned to key verticals to improve relevance in key segments.

  • Shifted to a quarterly campaign model, allowing for more frequent optimization.


Post-Covid-19 Era:  2023-2024

The Challenge

Budget cuts: Like many marketing departments during the post-pandemic economic downturn, our clients were tasked with doing more with less.


The Solutions

  • Introduced a sophisticated ABM program with full verticalization that focused the budget on ideal customers most likely to buy.

  • Implemented staged-based everything including content, channel, offer, and KPIs (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU).

  • Developed an advanced analytics system that measured the ROI of every channel and tactic, facilitating informed decision-making and strategy adjustments.

  • Optimized the channel mix toward maximum ROAS: We identified media partners and publishers with the targeting capabilities necessary for reaching our prime prospects.



We did it! We successfully navigated the challenges caused by the cancellation of in-person events and the sluggish post-pandemic economy.


  • Marketing-sourced sales opportunities increased by 137%

  • Marketing-influenced sales opportunities increased by 178%

  • Improvement in the quality and concentration of leads, contributing to a healthier sales pipeline and better overall market performance

Since our initial work together, we’ve continued to build on our relationship and help this Fortune 500 FinTech optimize its ROAS and boost revenue.

Imagine what BOL could do for you. Contact us today to explore how innovative account-based strategies can improve your media performance.



increase in marketing-sourced sales opportunities

increase in marketing-influenced sales opportunities


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