What is a Double Funnel in B2B? Does it Work?

Let’s not beat around the bush and dive right in. The double funnel in B2B is a marketing strategy that combines two approaches: demand generation (demand gen) and Account-Based Marketing (ABM). It visualizes these efforts as two separate, but parallel, funnels within the overall B2B marketing strategy. But does it truly work?

The short answer is no. But the long answer is that it depends on various factors like the company's size, target market, and implementation skills. Let’s dive in and see why that is.

How does the double funnel in B2B work?

The duel funnel system in B2B marketing is all about combining two key approaches:


  1. Demand Generation (Demand Gen): This focuses on attracting a broad audience and nurturing them into qualified leads (MQLs). It utilizes tools like content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing to raise awareness, generate leads, and move them through the traditional marketing funnel.

  2. Account-Based Marketing (ABM): This focuses on a specific set of pre-identified, high-value accounts with significant customer potential. This approach involves personalized outreach and targeted marketing efforts to build relationships with key decision-makers within those accounts. It uses Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQAs) to measure its progress.

Whatever way you're going, the B2B marketing funnel is something that needs to be focused on and nurtured. This is one reason why a double funnel approach can be challenging. You’re inherently trying to dip into two pools at the same time which can stretch your resources quite thin, and mean you may miss some opportunities as a result.

Is double funnel demand gen and ABM effective?

Double funnel demand gen and ABM isn't perfect. Its effectiveness depends on various factors. Let’s look at three of those now.


  1. Company size and structure
    Smaller companies might struggle with the resource demands of managing two separate funnels.

  2. Target market and sales cycle
    Businesses with large, complex sales cycles and high-value deals might benefit more from ABM integration.

  3. Implementation and execution
    Success hinges on proper implementation and ongoing optimization of both funnels.

So, if you’re asking yourself, “Does a double funnel work for B2B?” The answer remains both clear and opaque. 

Our official recommendation is that ABM is more effective when you shift the organization’s focus completely to an account-based, buying group-based mindset. Juggling demand gen and ABM at the same time spreads resources thin and relies on engagement signals that not all potential buyers will exhibit.

With that said, if ABM is your approach, be sure to carefully consider your specific needs and resources before implementing this strategy. Also, you should ensure you have the capabilities to manage both demand gen and ABM effectively for optimal results.

The double funnel is a hot-button topic in the B2B marketing world, and likely will be for a time to come. If you’d like to discuss what options could work for you, reach out to us.