Trendemon: Your Next ABM Secret Weapon

In 2024, B2B MarTech stacks have become admittedly confusing. Finance teams are demanding that marketing, sales, and RevOps trim the fat and retain only the tools that truly help drive pipeline and revenue.

Standing tall among the MarTech that must remain is Trendemon, a surprisingly versatile platform that slots so naturally into your stack, it’s becoming harder and harder to imagine going to market without it. As an agency, BOL is notoriously selective about committing to technology partners, teaming up only with brands and tools that we ourselves use (internally and on behalf of clients), and that we think can make a real impact during times of commercial pressure.

Make no mistake: Trendemon ticks all those boxes and more.

What Is Trendemon?

Trendemon is an easy-to-use, robust B2B platform with two main focus areas: de-anonymized, journey-level analytics, and a suite of CRO (conversion rate optimization) and personalization tools. Although Trendemon’s most obvious application is within an account-based marketing framework, its feature set is really appropriate for any B2B business, particularly those with longer sales cycles requiring a more detailed approach to nurturing your buying group.

Native Trendemon integrations include Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo, 6sense, Drift, and more. This allows you to seamlessly import your events, CRM records, account lists, and goals. Once you’ve completed the simple integrations, Trendemon scans your site to understand every piece of individual content that a prospect might interact with and immediately begins collecting data about user behavior expressed on those pages. Now, you’re off to the races with Trendemon’s Insights Layer.

All About Trendemon’s Insights Layer

As mentioned, the two main halves of Trendemon address two different but complementary business pain points: de-anonymized analytics and CRO/personalization. The Insights Layer handles the first part: understanding what companies are reaching your site and which content they’re interacting with and showing interest in.

Worth noting is Trendemon’s partnership with 6sense, allowing them to leverage 6sense’s API for de-anonymization – an incredibly valuable offering on its own for ABM-curious marketing organizations who aren’t quite ready to take the leap into a full-fledged ABM platform license. This means that on Day 1, you’ll be able to see the names of companies reaching your site, as well as associated information about what channel drove them there. Right away, this has implications for validation of ICP alignment, confirming or rebuking your hypotheses about whether, for example, a certain ad group is attracting the right sort of companies.

It doesn’t stop there. Trendemon allows you to break down the number of individual visitors from each company, as well. Given that the average number of buyers in a B2B buying decision hovers around six different people, this is a critical source of intel to understand whether one person is kicking the tires, or if your solution is being seriously discussed among the larger group.

You’ll be able to see at a session level what content was consumed by these companies, as well as the read rate, proceed rate, and other actionable metrics about their engagement. The benefits are obvious: you’ll now know what content is resonating with buyers at a company level, arming you with an edge when your sales team connects with those buyers later. This information is so valuable that BOL has begun incorporating Trendemon analytics as a key component within many of our ABSEO (account-based SEO) campaigns.

Trendemon allows you to look at this data from both sides of the coin: the company/individual buyer side, as well as the content-specific side. In aggregate and individually, you’ll be able to understand how your content is functioning to support buyers in their self-guided research period. You’ll also be able to see whether content typically functions as an entry point, mid-journey support page, or frequently occurs right before a down-funnel action like contacting sales.

Understanding how your content portfolio is working for your ABM and/or B2B demand gen efforts is critical to drive strategic iteration around content planning and during marketing and sales collaboration while working in-pipeline deals.

All About Trendemon’s Activation Layer

Trendemon would be an incredibly useful tool with just the Insights Layer, but the team didn’t stop there: the Activation Layer is built atop the de-anonymized journey data you’ve captured to help you drive more buyer engagement, more content consumption, and most of all – more personalization.

With the sunset of Google Optimize, many marketers were left with a gaping hole in their toolbox for iterative A/B testing and user-friendly journey segmentation. Trendemon fills that gap and goes even farther, incorporating its de-anonymization data in addition to your CRM data to offer highly personalized user experiences across your site at scale.

In fact, the possibilities are essentially endless when it comes to how Trendemon can change elements on your site’s pages based on criteria that you set. This allows for an automated, easily scaled approach to granularity at every single touchpoint your site offers. In an era where personalization has gone beyond effective to basically expected by buyers, this is an actionable solution to an extremely common business need.

Marketers who want a user-friendly, drag-and-drop approach to building these site tests will be relieved to know that Trendemon’s WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) visual editor makes standing up A/B races as easy as possible. In fact, the Activation Layer inherits your declared fonts, colors, and styles automatically, saving you time and energy to focus on strategic work.

As you might hope, the Activation Layer splits and tests feeds seamlessly back into the Insights Layer, providing measurable uplift stats and feedback to understand precisely how these personalized and segmented changes have boosted activity among those de-anonymized ICPs browsing your site.

BOL and Trendemon: Proud to Partner

If it’s not already clear, we’re massive fans of Trendemon over here at BOL Agency. We’re not just using the tool on behalf of our clients’ campaigns – we use it ourselves. Of all the Trendemon reviews we could possibly provide, we think that proof point speaks for itself.

It’s hard to imagine going back to a world where we didn’t use Trendemon as a go-to secret weapon in our arsenal.

If you want to learn more about how BOL is leveraging Trendemon on behalf of our clients, contact us to hop on a call and see for yourself what we’ve been able to accomplish.