Leveraging 3rd Party Data to Drive Marketing Results

Data by itself has limited value, but when properly managed it becomes a strategic asset and a competitive advantage. The combination of new data collection methods, better analytics tools and easier to use B.I. systems enables analysts, marketers and executives to make better decisions and build holistic data-driven strategies.

Blending first party data with external third party data is critical for segmenting audiences, optimizing your ad spend, or finding new revenue streams.

Over the last few years, and for the years to come, organizations have been and will continue to adapt and upgrade their technology stack, hire technical employees, and create processes that promote a data-driven and collaborative culture across departments.

Data as a Service (DaaS) companies fill the market’s need to access critical 2nd and 3rd third party data easier, faster, and cheaper by separating the cost and usage of the data from the platform. They are rapidly growing in number and revenue and have received over $4.5 B in funding since 2010, as demand for their services (data) start to soar.

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