How to Elevate Your ABM with Interactive Content

Add personalization, education, and fun to your campaigns with interactive content for ABM. 

If you’ve been in the account-based marketing (ABM) game for any amount of time, you know one thing is true: You need content – articles, whitepapers, ebooks, emails, social copy and display ads probably come to mind. But what do all these types of content have in common? They’re all static. And while standbys like these are good, interactive content can provide that extra boost your ABM campaigns may need.

ABM and interactive content is a match made in heaven. ABM is a marketing strategy that focuses on personalized campaigns that are targeted toward a few, high-value accounts. 

Account-based content marketing must be personalized and stand out for your (super busy) target audience. The best interactive content does exactly that, which might explain why 62% of B2B marketers are already using it. Let’s look at all the benefits before we jump into some awesome interactive content examples.

What Is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is built to engage your audience by requiring some form of participation: Answering quiz questions, typing information into a calculator, or clicking around a gamified infographic or video, for example. It turns marketing into a two-way street, a conversation rather than a lecture. 

Interacting with your audience encourages them to get involved, consume more information and keep coming back: Interactive content gains 2X more engagement than static content, and 77% of marketers agree that interactive content results in repeat visitors and multiple exposures. That’s just the beginning of what the best interactive content can do for you, especially when combined with ABM.

Benefits of Interactive Content

You can find interactive content examples from the very top of the funnel right down to the bottom. But the ultimate impact of interactive content is that it benefits your bottom line.

Promote Brand Discovery

At the top of the funnel, interactive content can help you capture your target audience’s attention, bring them to your website, and keep them there. 87% of marketers agree that interactive content grabs the attention of the reader more effectively than static content. Quizzes, assessments and games are some of the best interactive content at this stage.

Educate Customers

In the middle of the funnel, interactive content can be used to educate your target audience. In fact, a staggering 93% of marketers said that interactive content is effective for educating customers. Interactive infographics and videos are effective ways to both engage and educate.

Promote Your Solution

At the bottom of the funnel, solution finders take the lead as the best interactive content. By this stage, visitors are likely ready to compare your product or service to other options and are looking for straightforward information on features, pricing and what’s right for them. Provide it, and you’ll beat any competitor who doesn’t.

Gather Data

At any stage, interactive content can be used to collect leads by asking for customer information before you show the results. Just keep in mind two tips: Don’t ask for information for every piece of interactive content, and when you do, keep it to a minimum to reduce friction. You can also track the answers on quizzes, assessments and solution finders to gather more data on your existing target account list.

Interactive Content Examples for ABM

From TOFU to BOFU, here are some of the best interactive content examples you can use in your ABM campaigns.


Quizzes are a fun and engaging way to capture attention and promote your brand during a 1:many ABM campaign. Come up with a topic that fits your brand identity, give it an interesting title and send it out via email or social media. You’ll get your name out there in a memorable way and plant the seed for ABM success.


Assessments are similar to quizzes, but rather than a topic that’s just entertaining and memorable, it’s more relevant to your product or service. Gap assessments, where a prospect evaluates what their current solution is missing, are a top interactive content piece in this category. Assessments help create urgency in your prospect while also helping you gain information about them.

Videos and Infographics

Videos and infographics can be used at either the top or middle of the funnel to educate prospects. They’re some of the most popular interactive content types: 62% of B2B marketers plan to use or are already using interactive videos in their tactics, and infographics were rated one of the most effective for TOFU. 


Live chat is rising in popularity, especially for ABM campaigns. You can use a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence or connect your chat program to your sales team. Best of all, you can develop chatbot scripts and programs that address customer concerns at the top, middle and bottom of the funnel, making this one of the best interactive content types.


We’re willing to bet you’ve used a calculator at some point in a buying journey: to calculate a mortgage or loan, check your savings or calculate cash flow. In ABM, you can use calculators to differentiate your product from your competitors by showing how you provide more revenue, ROI or cost savings. Calculators are one of the most effective interactive content examples for the bottom of the funnel.

Solution Finders

Solution finders take the customer through a series of questions that will then point them to the right solution for them: a price point, plan type, configuration or set of features that solve their pain points. They are directly related to your product, so they’re like an assessment for the bottom of the funnel. In one survey, solution finders like configurators and wizards were rated most effective in the late stage.

If you’re not incorporating interactive content into your ABM campaigns, now is the time to start getting creative. You’ll increase engagement and educate your prospects, all while gathering valuable data about your target account list. That’s what ABM is all about.

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