3 Things Your B2B PPC Agency Should Be Doing in 2024

The B2B marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. In 2024, several key trends are shaping the world of B2B PPC services and B2B PPC agencies, and your agency needs to be on top of them to deliver exceptional results for your clients. Here are three essential practices your B2B PPC ad agency should be implementing:

Integrate PPC Campaigns Within a Larger ABM Motion

Gone are the days of siloed marketing efforts. In today's B2B world, successful campaigns require a holistic approach that integrates seamlessly with your Account-Based Marketing strategy. 

Use AI and Automation Tools to Scale Testing Efforts

The B2B buying journey is complex, with multiple touchpoints and decision-makers involved. To be successful, you need to constantly test and refine your PPC campaigns to optimize performance. However, manual testing can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. This is where AI and automation tools come into play.

Use Advanced Analytics to Understand the Value of PPC Traffic (not just last-click conversions)

Attributing conversions solely to the last click on a PPC ad can paint an incomplete picture of the true value your campaigns bring. In 2024, your B2B pay-per-click agency needs to go beyond last-click attribution and leverage advanced analytics to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of PPC traffic.

What makes a top B2B PPC management agency?

In the competitive world of B2B marketing, selecting the right PPC agency is crucial for maximizing your return on investment. Here are some key qualities that differentiate top PPC companies in the USA from the rest:

  • Strategic expertise and a deep understanding of the B2B landscape.
  • Technical proficiency and mastery of PPC platforms.
  • Client focus and transparency, with a proven history of clear communication and collaboration.
  • Results-oriented approach with the ability to showcase how their PPC services contribute to achieving your B2B marketing objectives.

In B2B marketing, where complex buying journeys and targeted outreach reign supreme, B2B PPC marketing agencies play a crucial role in driving qualified leads and conversions. To stand out and deliver exceptional results for their clients, these agencies need to adhere to specific best practices.

Do they align with your ABM strategy? 
A PPC company should be able to integrate PPC seamlessly with your existing ABM efforts, ensuring targeted messaging and campaign alignment.

Is their approach data-driven? 
Top agencies leverage data and analytics to inform their strategies, optimize campaigns, and demonstrate the true value of PPC beyond just last-click conversions.

Are they staying current with trends?
Top agencies continuously stay updated on the latest advancements in PPC technologies, AI automation, and best practices to ensure your campaigns remain competitive.

How adaptable are they?
They should tailor their approach to your specific business needs, target audience, and budget, avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.

What makes a B2B SaaS PPC agency different?

Several key factors differentiate B2B SaaS PPC agencies from regular PPC agencies and even other B2B PPC agencies, like a deep understanding of the B2B SaaS landscape. Beyond just B2B marketing knowledge, they possess specific expertise in the intricacies of the SaaS industry. 

Furthermore, while they possess general PPC platform expertise, they have a deeper understanding of platforms relevant to B2B SaaS advertising. This might include LinkedIn Matched Audiences for targeting specific companies and professionals, or features like lead generation forms directly within ad platforms.

They also have a unique understanding of the need for multiple meaningful touchpoints at an efficient cost, on both typical B2B platforms like search and LinkedIn, and in more niche areas like industry publications and review sites.

How can PPC help a B2B business?

PPC advertising offers a multitude of benefits for B2B businesses, allowing them to reach their target audience, generate qualified leads, and ultimately drive sales.

Here are some key ways PPC can help B2B companies:

  • Reach the right audience with targeted advertising. Unlike traditional advertising methods that might reach a broad audience, PPC allows you to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors of your ideal B2B customer. 

  • Generate qualified leads with lead generation forms, website traffic and engagement, and targeted lead nurturing.

  • Drive sales and brand awareness faster. Compared to organic SEO which can take time to yield results, PPC can deliver faster results by placing your ads at the top of search engine results pages and generating leads quickly.

If you are a B2B business that is considering using PPC management firms, here are two things to keep in mind:

Your needs: Make sure that the agency you choose has experience in your industry and can meet your specific needs.

Your goals: What are you hoping to achieve with your PPC campaign? Make sure that the agency you choose understands your goals and can help you achieve them.

Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about what the best PPC agency for B2B can do to help your business today.