Are B2B Lead Generation Agencies Still A Thing?

The short answer is a resounding yes. If you want to dive into why, it’s simple; B2B lead generation services generate marketing and sales-qualified leads. We could stop there, but that wouldn’t explain the whole story.

For a long time, a B2B lead generation company was your only option in the B2B space. They were the gold standard for businesses looking to market their goods and services. They were highly specialized and were successful in their endeavors. Much like with many industries, the advent and proliferation of the internet and digital age has changed the game. Lead generation can be done by anyone with the right software. So why might someone still use a B2B lead generation agency? Because more so than software or any DIYer armed with only a cursory Google search, they’re experts. They have years, if not decades of experience in this highly specialized field. 

Let’s take a look at the world of B2B lead generation and see what technical wizardry resides beneath the surface.

What are the best B2B lead generation companies?

The best B2B lead generation company is going to be the one that achieves your goals within your budget. While that answer may seem like a copout, it really is true. The top B2B lead generation companies will all say the same things; that they’re the best, they can generate more leads for you than any other agency, that they have proprietary software that will help automate lead generation, and more. Now, they aren’t lying to you. Many can do all of those things splendidly. Here are some things to think about when you’re selecting a B2B lead generation company.

  • Are they experts in your particular vertical, i.e. tech, medical, manufacturing, startup, etc.
  • Do they use proprietary software, or what is their tech stack?
  • What is their target ROI for you?
  • How will they partner with you to solve any issues that may arise?
  • What is their timeline for generating leads?

What do top B2B lead generation companies have in common?

The top B2B lead generation companies all have a lot in common. Let’s explore that below.

The benefits of B2B lead generation outsourcing

While having an in-house team may seem ideal, it can also be costly and take time to get up and running to the level you need it to. Outsourcing your B2B lead generation can relieve pressure from your sales team and free them up to focus on closing deals instead of generating leads. 

Furthermore, outsourcing your lead generation is effectively putting it in the hands of experts. These teams will be dedicated to lead generation. They’ll know the tricks, the tools of the trade, and be laser-focused on that one task. 

Did we mention it’s fast? Well, the right agency and right team will be anyway. Think of when you launch a new product or service. You want to get as many leads in as possible to kick off with great sales. A dedicated B2B lead generation agency can do that for you.

What are B2B lead generation companies in the USA doing differently?

The short answer is that they’re not really doing anything differently. Don’t take that the wrong way, we’re not saying that’s a bad thing. B2B lead generation marketing isn’t something that changes fundamentally from one country to another. The principles are the same no matter where you are. There may be some nuanced cultural differences, but the processes are largely the same wherever you go. 

That’s a good thing. That means you can bring on a company from nearly anywhere in the world to help you generate leads. If you’re selecting a B2B lead generation company in the US, one advantage may be that they’re in the same timezone as you, assuming of course you’re also in the US. They may better understand cultural nuances related to your product or service if that is a factor. All of these things are great and can help work to your advantage. 

Does lead generation work for B2B in 2023 and beyond?

Again, the short answer is yes. The need for B2B lead generation isn’t going anywhere, if anything, it’s increasing. There are more companies, products, and services than ever before. There is more competition among verticals than ever before, so the need to stand out from the crowd is greater than ever before. B2B lead generation work is what can help you and your company accomplish that. 

In 2023 and beyond the key is differentiation and optimization. Resting on your laurels isn’t going to cut it. You can’t just Google PPC lead generation companies and think that’s going to cut it. You need to make sure whatever agency you go with is constantly innovating. They need to know the trends, and be ahead of them at the same time. Whether it’s a raucous upstart or an agency with decades of experience, they need to be able to tell you how they’re going to make your company stand out and capture the leads all your competitors can’t.

Should you use gated content for B2B lead generation?

Why do we ask this question? Well, it can help you separate the good B2B lead generation agencies from the great ones. Because whether or not you should use gated content for B2B lead generation has to be a strategic decision based on the business goals you want to achieve, and the type of content you’re putting out. 

Some common types of ungated content are:

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • News announcements
  • YouTube videos
  • Website content

Some common types of gated content are:

  • Analysis reports
  • Proprietary information
  • Product demos/trials
  • Business case reports
  • White papers

Look at the content you put out and see where the majority falls. That can help you evaluate what content should be gated vs. ungated.

All that said, the purpose of gated content is for you to capture relevant information for your sales journey, and that’s always the goal. Though the downside is gated content puts up a barrier that some prospective customers may not want to cross depending on where they are in their buyer’s journey. Either way, gated content should play a part in your lead generation strategy, so pay close attention to what any agency says when you ask them about it.

To use a B2B lead generation agency or not to use a B2B lead generation agency, that is the question.

If you find the right B2B lead generation agency, you can’t go wrong. They will be a great partner to you and help you reach and ideally exceed all of your goals. They can play a key role in accelerating your growth and hitting sales targets. We happen to know an agency that would make a great partner for you, and you can find them at the link below.

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