What Motivates the 2020 SaaS Consumer?

Being ahead of the pack has never motivated all buyers. Early adopters will flock to the latest innovations, but winning over laggards takes some serious strategy. In a post-COVID world, two things are true.

First, even people who are naturally late adopters are being forced to go digital and transition to new tech. 

Second, late adopters are still hesitant to upgrade. It’s time to trade Fear of Missing Out messaging with copy that speaks to those with Fear of Joining In. 

Or, what we like to call the transition from FOMO to FOJI. 

How to Replace FOMO Messaging with FOJI (Fear of Joining In) 

Buyers across all industries are now thinking about whether organizations they do business with support their people, exhibit flexibility and understand the world’s changing needs.

These buyers will not respond to FOMO messaging. 

For example, FOMO says “If you’re not using ACME software, you’re already behind in the race.” This makes early adopters feel less than and urges them to take action.

Late adopters know this is a false statement. They’ve seen these claims before. They’re yawning before they’ve finished reading your ad. 

The opposite of FOMO is FOJI, fear of joining in.

Some folks are happier on the sidelines. The message to them needs to say come on in, the water’s fine.

A purpose-driven FOJI message says, “ACME software will make doing business easier, better, and/or more efficient, and we can teach you how to use it today.”

In short, SaaS marketing is no longer just about growth, valuation, and chasing logos.

Messaging centered on people, values and purpose will resonate better than ever. 

Earning a “W” in the Modern Messaging Game

About 2/3 of consumers say that content messaging that doesn’t feel personalized could stop them from making a purchase.


They want to be acknowledged as an individual instead of being looked at as a potential dollar sign. Being treated with care helps nervous laggards come off the bench and into the game.

84% of customers say being treated like a person, not a number is crucial to a business earning their money. 

Winning the messaging game means evolving from a strictly fear-based FOMO mindset.

Will you be a winner or a loser?


  • Usher in the future and show how you connect with consumers
  • Make change feel safe instead of daunting
  • Educate users about other customers and leverage positive customer stories


  • Fail to identify why people should make a change with meaningful specifics
  • Try to sell something that too comprehensive instead of encouraging incremental change
  • Use too much jargon and FOMO in messaging 

Our top tips for fine-tuning your messaging for all consumers:

Get to the point.

Be direct. Be human. And be creative.

Make a personalized video.

Research shows 64% of consumers are more likely to buy after seeing a video. Be sensitive to the nature of the creative (jokes about a pandemic or other serious topic are a no) and get to the point.

Be empathetic.

We’re in a new world with new questions and concerns. Let people know you’re flexible with renewals.

Prioritizing your cash reserves at the expense of your customers won’t win you any hearts or wallets, and your customers want to hear from you right now about how you’re making it easier for them to renew in a few months instead of today.

Offer consistent support and guidance.

Do you have a hub of content that lets customers know exactly how to get help if they’re behind on payments, have questions about their software, or want to explore other service tiers?

It’s time to start over-communicating upfront rather than being reactive. 

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