Why A Retargeting Agency is Critical For B2B Growth

If you’re asking yourself what is retargeting in marketing, this is the right article for you.

Retargeting campaigns are a crucial part of any paid marketing campaign, as you are able to display ads to users who have been on your website previously. They can help push buyers across the finish line and keep your company top of mind. The effort required to make a buyer aware of your company in the first place is significant – ensuring that you follow through on those efforts by continuing to nurture and market to those users is of paramount importance.

That’s why a retargeting advertising agency is such a crucial part of your overall marketing efforts. Having the right partner can make all the difference in reach, ROI, and overall effectiveness of your retargeting efforts. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let's dive into exactly what is retargeting in marketing.

What is retargeting in marketing?

In marketing, retargeting is a powerful technique used to reach website visitors who haven't yet converted (made a purchase, signed up for a newsletter, etc.) and remind them about your brand and offerings. Imagine someone browsing your online store, adding items to their cart, but ultimately leaving without completing the purchase. Retargeting helps you keep your brand in their mind and encourages them to come back and finish the transaction.

A retargeting marketing agency can help you devise a strategy and content that resonate with these customers, helping keep your company top of mind. 

A large portion of retargeting happens on social media, which is why you’ll see companies saying that they’re a Facebook retargeting agency, or an Instagram retargeting agency, or that they specialize in LinkedIn retargeting ads. However, when you think about it, you’ll want a B2B retargeting agency that can do all of the above, rather than just platform-specific. 

Overall, retargeting is a valuable tool for B2B marketers to maximize their advertising ROI, engage audiences, and convert website visitors into paying customers. By understanding how it works and employing it strategically, you can significantly boost your marketing effectiveness and achieve your business goals.

What is retargeting vs remarketing

While the terms "retargeting" and "remarketing" are often used interchangeably, there are some subtle differences between them. 

The overarching difference is that retargeting refers more specifically to online advertising and reaching website visitors on other websites or platforms like social media and display networks. 

Remarketing, on the other hand,  can encompass a broader range of tactics beyond online advertising, including email marketing, direct mail, and even phone calls, to re-engage past customers or website visitors. A remarketing agency or remarketing company will specialize in these areas.

In practice, the lines between retargeting and remarketing can blur. Many platforms and tools offer both online and offline remarketing capabilities, and the terms are often used synonymously by marketers. They’re also not competing strategies, i.e. it’s not as much retargeting vs remarketing, as it is which medium you’re working in.

What is a B2B retargeting agency?

A B2B retargeting agency specializes in helping businesses in the B2B sector leverage retargeting strategies to reach, re-engage, and convert prospective customers. They're like skilled navigators, using their retargeting services to guide you through the complex world of targeted online advertising to effectively connect with your ideal audience. There are also specialized retargeting agencies like PPC retargeting agencies. These help businesses leverage pay-per-click advertising platforms like Google Ads and social media to reach website visitors who didn't convert the first time around.

By partnering with a skilled B2B retargeting agency, you can gain access to specialized expertise, advanced technology, and data-driven strategies to turn website visitors into valuable B2B leads and ultimately boost your business growth. Remember, choosing the right agency is key to unlocking the full potential of retargeting and achieving a significant return on your investment. With that in mind, let’s explore how you might go about choosing one.

How to choose a retargeting agency

Selecting the right retargeting agency is crucial for maximizing success with your marketing efforts. When looking into a B2B retargeting agency, make sure you first define your own needs and goals. The agency you pick should be able to meet those as the bare minimum. 

From there, you should ask for references to see how they’ve improved ROI for other companies in your sector. What’s their communication style? How will they leverage data and automation to be able to respond quickly to changes in your target market? 

If you’d like to know more about how a great retargeting agency can help you, contact us. We’d love to talk more with you about it.

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