The Best Account Based Marketing Email Examples To Start Using Today

Drive open rates, response, and revenue with highly personalized account-based marketing emails.

During these challenging times, communicating with others demands a little creativity. Nothing is worse and more ineffective than sending irrelevant, “spray and pray” communications. This has been done and overdone – and simply doesn’t work. 

That’s where account-based marketing emails come in. ABM emails are not only highly personalized, helping to hook the attention of the recipient, but they are targeted to the appropriate decision-makers as part of a larger ABM campaign, increasing your chances of success.

This combination of personalization and a targeted audience creates powerful results. emails with personalized subject lines have 26% higher unique open rates than non-personalized emails, while marketers have seen a 760% increase in revenue via segmented campaigns.

When it comes down to it, email marketing is essential to a successful ABM campaign, often serving as the first and last connection with your target account list. So what are some good examples of account-based marketing emails? 

Email Invitations

One of the most common ABM emails is a personalized invitation, which invites the audience to learn more about a specific topic they might have an interest in. 

ABM vendor Demandbase did this well by sending out an invitation to their webinar on the “Account-Based Experience.” The email proves to be effective because it is not only directed specifically at the recipient, but it invites the recipient to learn something that’s new and of potential value to them.

This email creates a connection with the prospect right off the bat and is a strategy that is easy to get up and running – provided that you have a great piece of content, to begin with. 

Personalized Video Emails

Another way to better engage with potential customers is through the use of personalized video in your ABM emails. 

In this holiday email campaign, video company Vidyard successfully incorporated the first names of targeted prospects into their videos so they would get a highly personalized (and fun!) experience. The results were impressive: email open rates were 35% higher than the industry average and CTRs were 157% higher. 



While this type of account-based marketing email does take longer to plan out, it proves to be effective because of the fact that it’s both different (featuring video) and extremely targeted.

Coffee Talk

One ABM email marketing tactic that is more out-of-the-box involves sending personalized email invitations to a small group to participate in a lunch and learn. This could mean a sales presentation, a webinar, or simply a conversation over food to learn more. 

Recent events have forced us to be creative in our marketing efforts, as this tactic has become more difficult to use. However, invites for “virtual coffee” are becoming more popular. 

Take the account-based marketing email below. The prospect is invited to grab a coffee and chat even though the two are unable to physically meet. 



This approach is effective because it allows you to target multiple prospects within an account as well as build potential relationships over food and good coffee – something everyone enjoys!

Sending a Gift

When all else fails, sending gifts proves to be an ABM email marketing method that is nearly foolproof. Last year 27% of marketers said they’ve experienced increased close rates from sending a gift.

By presenting your prospects with a gift, you are not only immediately capturing their attention, you are also building a relationship with your audience by showing that you care. Common gifts include drinks, experiences, or deals on products, but the options are endless. 

Software company Marketo perfectly nailed the act of gifting in the account-based marketing email example below.



By offering a personalized gift, the company is starting off their relationship with their prospect on great terms, creating a memorable interaction that benefits the recipient. 

No matter which method you choose, account-based marketing emails are the engine that drives optimized ABM campaigns, serving as a way to deliver targeted emails that connect with your prospects on a more personal level. But they are still only one piece of the puzzle, and it’s critical that you also understand the entire ABM process. We can help.