B2B Technology Marketing Agencies: What to Look For

Not all B2B tech marketing companies are built equal. To be truly successful, they not only need to know and understand the latest tech, they need to know how to translate it to the right customer audience. That’s why account-based marketing for B2B tech companies is in such high demand. Business decision-makers know that to get their products and services in front of the right people, they’re going to need a multifaceted, strategic approach that captures their target’s attention and gets them to follow up. When you’re looking for a B2B technology marketing agency, pay attention, here are a few things to look for.

Account-based marketing for B2B tech companies

When it comes to ABM for tech companies, the general principles are the same; strategic data-driven personalized content is key. When you get into the nuances of what that means for ABM in the tech space, that’s where the great agencies start to separate themselves from the just-okay ones.

Top B2B tech marketing agencies understand that strategy unlocks business growth for their clients, and have the track record to prove it. B2B tech companies need the right agency partner to help them bridge the gap between their products and the people whose hands it needs to be in.

B2B tech marketing services

Any B2B marketing agency for technology companies worth its salt needs to understand ABM content strategy. That means the need to know how to take your product or service and relate it to your specific target accounts with the right content. Be it a white paper, a personalized email or direct mail, or even an event, tech B2B content marketing encompasses a wide range of content that should get the right eyes on your products. 

Beyond content, a great B2B marketing strategy for technology companies looks at the whole marketing journey holistically. They need to employ a research-driven approach to help clients develop campaigns that align the right content with the right audience at the right time. A buyer’s journey isn’t necessarily linear, nor do all buyer journeys look the same. The right B2B tech marketing agency needs to know strategically how to relate both to technical buyers or someone less tech-savvy at the same time.

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How account-based marketing for B2B tech companies is changing the game

When you start diving into successful B2B tech content marketing examples, you’ll start to notice a pattern; a lot of them are actually ABM B2B tech marketing. It’s really not a mystery why, either. ABM is essentially the holy grail when it comes to B2B marketing, including in the tech space, and more and more people are catching on.

ABM strategy and tactics produce positive ROI, great leads, and help your marketing and sales teams bring in more wins than ever before. It’s as simple as that. Why? Because ABM doesn’t cast a wide net. It casts a strategically direct net, and it fills that net with tasty content your audience will want to interact with. 

ABM looks at all the ways to design inbound marketing for B2B tech, and it executes on it. Generating more qualified leads from more sources than regular marketing can think of. 

How B2B agency for technology demand generation scores you more wins

At BOL, we look beyond the B2B tech marketing trends. Don’t get us wrong, we know what they are and we capitalize on them when the situation calls for it. But we don’t rest on our laurels and just wait for the trends to dictate what we do. We’re on the lookout for what’s next, how to improve on the trends, and how to think about what no other agency is thinking about.

Some call it being agile, we like to call it how we stay a cut above the rest. 

Going beyond B2B tech marketing thought leadership

‘Thought leadership’ is a funny phrase. Some use it as code for writing blogs or white papers. Don’t get us wrong, we definitely love us some thought leadership. That’s why you’re reading this blog post right now. But the term really encompasses so much more than just content. It’s a mantra and a modus operandi. It’s why we stay ahead of the curve. It’s why we’re helping define what B2B tech marketing trends are. 

So when we talk about going beyond thought leadership, what we mean is reading between the lines. Knowing what’s coming next, and what that means for you, your ROI, and your bottom line. Let’s dive into that below.

Taking a look at marketing automation for B2B tech companies in 2023

We’ve got two words for you—tech stack. Of course, we won’t just leave it at two words, but that’s the gist of it. You need the right tech stack to stand a chance when it comes to B2B tech marketing in 2023, and 2024, and really every year you can conceivably think of for your marketing efforts. 

Don’t know where to start? No problem. We’ve got you covered. We’re experts in just about every B2B tech software you can think of, and even the ones you can’t think of. It’s definitely not one size fits all. Some need greater email automation, some need more social media tools, or more data and analytics power. We can help you determine what would best suit your needs and get you set up, your teams trained, and on the right track to moving forward with more confidence.

What influencer marketing for B2B tech companies really looks like

Influencers aren’t just for dancing on TikTok or looking good lying by a pool on Instagram. There is a wide world of B2B tech influencers who know what they’re doing and can help you bring in more customers. The trick is knowing who to engage with, and how to best put their cache to good use.

It’s not uncommon for companies in the tech space to be wary of using influencers, but that’s where we come in. Not only will we quell your hesitance, but we’ll open your eyes to what you can accomplish with a B2B tech influencer. 

We’ve discussed the importance of personalizing content, think of an influencer as a way to give that very personalized content a voice. Instead of hoping your audience is getting the right tone and inflection from your content, with an influencer, you can be sure of it. They might not dance their way into your target’s heart, but they can talk their way in with the right set of bullet points behind them

All that’s really left for you to do is meet the right agency to help you unlock the B2B tech marketing tools you need to make your tech marketing dreams a reality. This button right below can help you get that started.

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