6sense's Acquisition of Slintel Means More B2B Transparency and Trust

We here at BOL were already big 6sense fans before its acquisition of Slintel. Bringing Slintel into the fold rounds out 6sense’s core offering & uniquely positions the business to become the central nervous system of the revenue technology stack. We’re excited to share our perspective on what this brings to your revenue stack.

Get To Know Slintel

Slintel is a sales and marketing intelligence platform built to help revenue teams build and close pipeline. The platform identifies active buyers by providing industry-leading technographics, firmographics, psychographics, and lead insights.

The Slintel team’s mission is to improve transparency and trust in the B2B ecosystem.

The Combined Benefits of 6sense and Slintel

The 6sense Account Engagement Platform provides best-in-class capabilities for planning, identifying, prioritizing, engaging, measuring, and forecasting progress against revenue opportunities. It has been a key tool for marketers in the development of successful Account-Based Marketing programs.

Slintel enhances 6sense’s capabilities with the added insights above. These insights help revenue teams identify and prioritize accounts and contacts. In short, Slintel allows marketing and sales to engage buyers even more effectively, taking ABM programs to another level.

Improved Transparency and Trust

Slintel delivers a data-first, carefully curated intelligence layer that supplements your own first-party data & helps revenue teams uncover actual buyers earlier in the journey. It enables marketing and sales to do so confidently by:

  • Sourcing contact data from carefully vetted, verified sources
  • Surfacing buyer insights amplified by psychographic data
  • Deriving confidence scores powered by machine learning
  • Issuing alerts that notify revenue teams about relevant changes in their
    addressable market like technographics & buyer intelligence signal updates


Slintel’s data footprint amplifies 6sense’s ability to harness the power of machine learning & big data & make it universally accessible to revenue teams across the B2B ecosystem. Slintel tracks 250MM+ B2B profiles &100MM+ decision-makers across 60+ attributes, natively exposing billions of data points to 6sense customers like us.

Unified Go-To-Market

As we explore the integration of both systems, what’s clear is that the 6sense / Slintel combination gives revenue teams unique access to a highly extensible, hybrid engagement & orchestration platform supercharged by reliable, trustworthy & varied market data.

By acquiring Slintel, 6sense is doubling down on its data-centric, audience-first bet. Clearly, the business feels that rich, curated, constantly refreshed market data is a non-negotiable input into a best-in-class intelligence layer. We agree! We see 6sense with Slintel as a central RevTech hub for the enterprise, breaking down data & system silos in ways that bring B2C motions to B2B.

Want to see for yourself what Slintel can do? Our friends at 6sense are giving the BOL audience a 21 day free trial of Slintel! Just click here to register for your trial platform access.