3 Examples of Chatbots for B2B Companies

The B2B landscape is shifting. Decision-makers are busier than ever, information overload is real, and some traditional marketing tactics are struggling to keep pace. In this climate, forward-thinking businesses are turning to chatbots in B2B marketing as a powerful tool to engage, nurture, and convert leads.

If you’re already tilting your head to the side with a quizzical expression on your face, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Chatbots have come a long way since their rudimentary implementations in customer service.

Let’s take a step back and first look at 3 examples of good chatbots in an effective B2B chatbot strategy:

1) Buyer Journey Chatbots

2) Site Navigation Chatbots

3) Lead Submission/Book-A-Meeting Chatbots

While there are more than just these three examples of chatbots on b2b websites, they’ll be our focus moving forward as we dive into why these might be the best B2B chatbots for you.

Crafting a winning B2B chatbot strategy

In today's dynamic B2B landscape, chatbots have emerged as potent tools for engagement, lead generation, and conversion. While they hold immense potential, simply deploying a chatbot isn't enough. Success hinges on a well-defined B2B chatbot strategy that aligns with your goals and resonates with your target audience.

Four steps for better chatbots and B2B marketing

Step 1: Charting Your Course

What do you want your chatbot to achieve? Lead qualification, product demos, customer support, or driving brand awareness?

Step 2: Building a Compelling Persona

Craft a human-like personality. Make your chatbot friendly, professional, and relevant to your brand.

Tailor language and tone.

Step 3: Designing Engaging Interactions

Start with FAQs. Address common questions efficiently, freeing up resources for complex inquiries.

Then guide users through the funnel, but don't forget the handoff.

Step 4: Continuous Improvement

Monitor performance and track key metrics like engagement rates, lead generation, and conversions.

How can chatbots help in B2B lead generation?

If you’re asking yourself, How can chatbots help in B2B lead generation? You’re not alone. The short answer is that chatbots for B2B sales can be incredibly valuable tools in several ways.

First and foremost, they’re available 24/7. You never know when someone might enter or want to make moves through your sales funnel. With a chatbot, you can be assured that there will always be a way for them to have active contact with your business.

When set up correctly, they can also be very effective in both lead qualification and lead nurturing.

This saves your live sales teams valuable time and resources by focusing their efforts on qualified leads with a higher potential to convert.

Additionally, the most successful chatbot examples will help with the all-encompassing data collection. Chatbots can collect valuable data about user behavior and preferences, such as industry, pain points, and interests. This data can be used to personalize marketing campaigns, improve sales strategies, and gain deeper insights into your target audience.

Let’s take a look at some examples of good chatbots

Not all chatbots are created equal, some are better than others. Here’s a reminder of 3 examples of good chatbots:

1) Buyer Journey Chatbots: 

Grande Group uses a chatbot to provide users with additional information and next steps about specific product lines.

2) Site Navigation Chatbots

HubSpot put a chatbot on their homepage to help new users quickly navigate to specific site pages/content.

3) Lead Submission/Book-A-Meeting Chatbots

Falcon Structures uses a chatbot to guide qualified leads through low-friction next steps on the Request a Quote page, initiating the conversation as follows:

Whatever your business needs, there is likely a chatbot that can help you achieve them. When considering implementing a chatbot, consult with an agency that has experience in identifying what style would best serve your needs. 

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