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A B2B Guide to Finding Real Marketing ROI

lp-metrics-matterThe technology industry is ever-changing with pressure to produce business results and stay relevant with engaging content. The challenge is finding out what works best and scaling that to do less, better. Download this paper to review the findings of insightful LinkedIn research on marketing in the B2B space, and 1:1 conversations with senior B2B technology and software marketers from respected brands to uncover how today’s top technology organizations are breaking old habits and embracing a new marketing approach. Learn how these brands are boldly focusing on doing less to achieve more. In this paper, we drill down into specifics of what sets apart today’s leading technology marketers, including:

  • Big questions around big data
  • What innovative approaches they are using
  • How start up and enterprise tech companies can get on board

Download today to reveal the provocative insights that aim to share pragmatic solutions for B2B technology marketers.

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What our clients are saying

"BOL helped us to transform marketing from product to solution focused. All while proving the impact to pipeline and revenue."

Toni Compston-Wells, VP Marketing

"I’ve worked with BusinessOnline for close to 10 years at this point, over two different organizations. One of the key reasons I have stayed with BOL this long is that the agency affords me the ability to have industry experts as an extension of my own staff."

Stephanie Gassen, Global Vice President of Marketing & Americas K12 Sales Director

"Pound for pound, the strongest performing campaign in our portfolio...from skepticism... to reinvestment based on performance proof."

Ryan Almond, ABM Global Lead

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