Calculate Your Digital Marketing ROI

One of the most common and difficult to solve issues B2B marketers face is proving the outcome of their efforts. We are increasingly tasked with driving more than just leads and awareness. In fact, many of us are now responsible for delivering impact on business goals like sales pipeline and revenue. But fewer than 20% of B2B organizations are comfortable with their ability to quantify the returns on marketing spend, according to Ross Graber of SiriusDecisions.

We at BusinessOnline feel that it’s important to realize marketing’s opportunity to prove and improve the meaningful business impact— and for that reason we built an ROI Calculator to demonstrate:

  • How much revenue your marketing efforts are driving to the sales pipeline
  • Your marketing Return on Investment
  • How that compares to the industry standards leveraging benchmark conversion rates

Using years of industry experience and the power of DataWeld, we’ve created an easy-to-use calculator to compute your ROI on digital marketing. With just a few simple inputs, you can see (and share) the potential impact you can be having on meaningful business metrics.

Try our marketing ROI calculator and find out:

  • Total Revenue Potential: Considering your sales funnel conversion rates, we compute the closed won deals and multiply it by the average deal value
  • Marketing Investment: Considering your Leads & Cost Per Lead inputs, we compute the Total Marketing Investment
  • ROI: Leveraging Total Revenue & Marketing Investment, we compute a marketing ROI